Just Boosted a Lizard

Zach + Dutchy. Photo by Bosco.

“Which drew a bigger audience of U.S. skaters, the Olympics or the Dipset/Lox Verzuz?” (Actually got the answer to this.) Boil the Ocean tackles the Olympics. (Free also has some Olympics coverage, for those interested.)

Jan Maarten Sneep has firmly ascended to that top-tier list of skate video auteurs who incite an immediate click whenever something new drops. The latest montage for Vans’ Dutch team is full of yell-at-the-screen-creative skateboarding, and contains the meticulous editing that comes with all Sneep productions.

If we were still living in a time when skaters toiled over video parts for four years, a years-in-the-making Louie Lopez F.A. part would feel something like this six-minute bit of skateboard fan fiction by Justin LeBlanc. Louie also has a new interview out …on the CCS site ;)

Rick Howard interviewed Chico Brenes for Monster Children. Can’t wait to give Rick a Quartersnacks byline ♥

“During quarantine in New York City, few activities exploded in popularity more than skateboarding.” Jazmine Hughes wrote and Lanna Apisukh photographed an article about the growing diversity of New York City skateboarding for The Times.

Any clip at the Apple Store on 59th Street is a glitch in the matrix. Even during peak COVID, that shit was a 3-second bust. Neema Joorabchi has another New York edit, “Welcome to My Nightmare.”

The Bluecouch boys have a quick new edit in anticipation of a larger upcoming project ;)

Jenkem interviewed Justin Helmkamp about Bert’s Vid 2.

All the Streets Are Silent drops for home-viewing on September 7, 2021. It’s up for preorder now.

Pocket followed Tiago Lemos around São Paulo for a day.

*Skate scene we know nothing about alert* Our friends at Live just premiered Word is Bond’s “Snafu” video, filmed entirely in Guatemala City.

While we’re at it, here’s some top-tier hucking out of Medellín, courtesy of Andres Zuluaga and friends.

Traffic just dropped two retrospective edits for Static series mainstays, Mark Wetzel and Pat Stiener.

Quote of the Week: “I feel like I’m gonna be a yoga teacher after I’m done with streetwear.” — Torey

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  1. damn.. monday links, no acknowledgement to punch a hole in the sky? I get that it missed top 10 since it was midday friday, though, that was some quality skateboarding from a small, solid crew; and Evan even made the jams. They’re on to some shit over there. Open a video to footage of a cover photo? and got arrested. give specc where it’s due.

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