The Road Changes A Man

Jahmal Williams by Pep Kim for issue #21 of Vague Skate Mag. The Jahmal cover article isn’t online, but the issue is on sale now.

ICYMI: A Flushing grate N.B.D. that’s been speculated for years on end, a Lego piece between the two rails at the Williamsburg Bridge monument, and a wild one at Grant’s Tomb in Frankie Spears’ all-New York outing of X-Games Real Street.

From flatbars in the driveway to bringing the town its first skate shop: Jake Johnson is opening up IQ Skateshop in his hometown of State College, Pennsylvania ♥

A video covering what happens when you only skate Southbank for two years :)

Another one to the one-spot part scroll: Grey Area at Warsaw’s central spot, The Palace of Culture and Science. (Kind of inspired by the Tyshawn New York map to try and do a global map that catalogs all the one-spot parts, but wondering if there’s enough content out there for that. There’s gotta be at least 50 of those by now, right?)

You already know that the Sabotage crew’s Go Skate Day edits are the only ones worth watching each year. 2021’s is no exception.

NTS Radio’s Skate Muzik show has an All the Streets Are Silent episode this week, chronicling the music that inspired the film.

Skateism put the feature with Steve Brandi from their “Coming Out” issue up on their website.

Monster Children interviewed Polar’s Paul Grund about turning his bedroom into a darkroom for printing bigass photos.

Down to read skateboarders talking about Michael Mann’s Heat. Tom K. offers up some recommendations for the Slam City Skates blog.

The Mostly Skateboarding dudes had Chris Mulhern on the show to talk about Joey O’Brien’s “[Untitled] 005” part, which takes on new meaning once you realize the dude filmed that working a full-time job.

If you’d like some sociology with your skateboarding (maybe all skateboarding is sociological?), The Sociology Show had Dr. Paul O’Connor on their podcast (you’ve def seen links to his work on here before) to discuss “secular pilgrimage, middle aged skateboarders, the hybridity of skateparks, and women skateboarders in Hong Kong.”

Quote of the Week
Will R.S: “Get some rice.”
Pad, otw to a store run: “Minute rice?”
Will R.S: “Fuck minute rice. Basmati, you idiot.”

“I’m a Virgo.”
“…for all the ladies out there.”

Had to revisit this a few times after the surprise retrospective video with the holy kickflip that made the rounds last week. Wish the quality was a lil’ better, but that’s part of the charm ♥

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  1. to piggy back off the heat comment, would def listen to a podcast thats skaters talking about films. idk why.

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