Slouching Towards T.F.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the QS one-spot map. Going to try and keep it as up to date as possible. Funny how practically the same day we went live with it, there was a new part filmed entirely at the Dylan monument spot in Berlin, and one at the Herbis plaza in Osaka. (Portland sources seem to say that the new Silas part is filmed at two spots, thus failing to qualify for the metric of being able to pinpoint it to a single location.)

Thrasher dropped an extended IGTV raw edit of the T.J. footy from the last lil’ Instamix that came out alongside his lowtop shoe. Wow, obvs.

Ben Kadow has a new Hockey part filmed pretty much entirely in the city, on insane spots that seldom register as “spots” to us normies, e.g. the 5050 bench ollie at Central Park, the perpendicular drop in boardslide, et al.

All the Streets Are Silentthe documentary that was supposed to be about Zoo York’s Mixtape video before sprawling into a much bigger project — arrives in theaters this week.

Big Tobacco 2” is a 60% Boston / 40% New York VX video made in the spirit of how “they used to make ’em,” except with a whole new generation of dudes.

A 10/10 eye for spots in Tyler “Soy” Rennard’s part for 4×4, filmed mostly in New York, and found on Skate Jawn.

Greg Navarro made an edit from the Upper West Side Curb Club contest at Riverside Skatepark last Saturday :)

Village Psychic uploaded Andrew Bawtinhimer and Joshua Baker’s section from the Upstate New York video, Heirloom.

“Is that from some meme about Russians?” Jenkem interviewed Tolya Titaev about the skate scene in Moscow and greater Russia.

Another interview about pants?! Yep, another interview about pants ;) Monster Children interviewed Pat Hoblin about …pants! And some other things, of course.

Heckride interviewed Don Luong, fresh off rave reviews of the last Foundation project.

Currently workshopping a treatment for a sequel: “A Group Date With the Pratt Girls Roasting Skater Guys.”

How much does your board cost? Oh. That’s all?

Quote of the Week: “If I’m gonna suffer, I’d rather go to Cooper.” — Dana re: Blue Park

Rest in Peace Biz


  1. I read something online that justifies the “one spot” aspect of Silas’ part. Apparently, it’s a series of parks that span the length of eight blocks, designed as one.

  2. Louis Vuitton is officially for LOSERS. Youre either overpaying for the real thing or supporting an underground market on Canal St (that comes from the same factory) either way the brand is diluted may as well wear an Ed Hardy shirt

  3. To Bobby Kalamari’s point, wether or not the Silas part is “one spot” raises some interesting questions about the differences in how space is perceived by designers and end users. How would Lawrence Halprin, or Edmund Bacon, weigh in on what makes a space cohesive enough to earn “one spot” status? Maybe the more important question is if Silas sees it as one spot.

  4. Carlisle’s quarantine snake run through Zuccotti should kinda sorta be considered “one-spot.” It was flowy and cohesive he basically created a meta spot

  5. Kadow single mindedly bringing back the late 00’s pre-hipster ‘indie’ collar over crew knit kind-of-vibe.

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