Rain All Week

Wavey via Troy

Hardbody Puerto Rico shirts for Puerto Rican Day on the Hardbody site.

This video rules: “Me And My Dogs” by Will Poon, spotted via Skate Jawn. It’s great how a childhood skate crew video set in New York circa 2021 (e.g. the type of video that will forever exist through all generations of skateboarding) has the potential to get you more hyped to skate than a summer blockbuster :)

“You know what I like? When people go pro. You know what I like more? When people go pro as fuck.” The forever-brilliant Bronze 56k radio mixes are back with a Dick Rizzo guest mix. Shout out to Group Home “Tear Shit Down.” Also forgot how good that Wayne song is.

Carl Aikens and Hosea Peeters’ shared a Thrasher part last week that includes some final remnants of plazacation at Big Screen Plaza :)

You can always count on some surprises in a Natural Koncept video: Creepin’ in the City is their new full-length, with the first two parts pretty much filmed entirely in New York.

Another quick edit from Neema Joorabchi, which feels like the extras from the wonderful “How to Overcome Pain” edit that went live last month.

FILENOTFOUND.avi is the latest fullish-length from the Sabotage boys out of Philadelphia. Love when the YouTube description comes with a chapter selection ♥

Bill Strobeck was the most recent guest on the Skate Muzik podcast, which centers around the soundtrack to “Stallion.”

Monster Children recounts the [un]storied history of pressure flips’ rise to prominence, their fall (“Carroll and his friends could do pressure flips, but they preferred not to”), and their resurgence with a focus on the Casper Brooker one in last week’s Nike video (though didn’t Grant have the wildest one over that street gap?) Apologies to anyone upset about the April pressure flip coverage on here ;) just reporting the facts, baby!

“With the wellness trend now claiming item-in-hand clip-getting, must we brace for a backlash that puts triple-decker burgers, bottom-shelf vodka bottles or, for optimal photo/video incentives, energy beverage tall cans in the palms of the next generation?” Boil the Ocean considers the future of holding things while you skate via the prism of Grant Taylor skating with a banana in hand.

Spot Update #ICYMI: Obviously the entire Washington Square Park thing is a colossal fucking mess, but yeah, the Philly step / curb is blocked off with two planters and they tried to block the 4-stair (?), which makes no sense, but then again, all of this is classic shit.

Please ensure your house is properly structured before turning up the Young Nudy. It’s for everyone’s safety.

Quote of the Week: “We’re too old to skate diamond-plate.” — E.J.


  1. Honest question: do you have to have tight trucks to pressure flip? I keep mine wobbly and have never figured that scoop out. For the record I don’t do much want to learn them as I made a bet I could learn them before my Buddy does

  2. Tbh covid happened. Found it really hard to care during the bubble season. Same for this past regular one, but have gotten into it again a bit these playoffs. Will 90% be back for next season.

  3. does anyone know the fate of the lic diy after that crazy story a week back?

  4. I wrote the pressure flip piece for Monster children, thanks for the shout out! Can confirm a) pressure flips are possible with loose trucks, but probably helps if you spent 2 months learning them in 1992, and b) I was in a rush and hadn’t even seen the wild GT one when I wrote the piece :)

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