No Days Off Except Most of Them

Summer 2021 QS stuff arriving at U.S. + Canada shops now. Tracking is saying it should be at all west coast shops (Atlas, 35th North, etc.) by the end of this week (June 18.) On the webstore next week. Europe, Australia, Japan, et al. next week. Photo via Seasons.

E.J. made a Reebok.

Manhattan Times has an article about the Washington Heights skate community coming together to celebrate the life of fellow skater, Gerardo Rivas, with a skate jam at J Hood and hill bomb uptown. (You might remember the “FOR G” tribute video by Jordan Miller that was linked a few weeks back.) Jordan also made a video of the memorial + event, and it has a lot of familiar faces ♥

Monster Children has an interview with Naquan Rollings.

This is in the “watch immediately” category, but on the slim chance that you clocked out of #content early on Friday, Brad Cromer has a new Thrasher part that feels like it touches almost every buzzing spot in New York right now. Holy half cab flip.

Brian Anderson just dropped his quarantine-era part for Ace Trucks and it’s heavy on the natural transition spots. Filmed by Paulgar. Freddy + Alex Olson cameos included ;)

“19 interviews and 38 hours of transcriptions later,” Jenkem has the oral history of the Tilt Mode army.

Was shocked by the healthy intricacies of Dustin Dollin’s post-skate-tour-bender detox regimen.

In the event that you wanted to hear more than this venerable skateboard blog’s opinion of All the Streets Are Silent, there have been some early reviews from more film-centric publications: one from The Spool, and another from Film Threat.

Euro Corner — A)C OUI” is an incredible new edit by Sebastian Cao and Theodor Meas of the new generation of kids out of Paris. Really gets the travel bug going. B) Gronze’s “11th of the Month” video for June is full of hills and as infectiously fun as ever. C)Must Be Nice” is an iPhone video from a crew out of Frankfurt (?), set to the 2021 update of Avril Lavigne’s early 2000s anthem of skater-dating angst. “Still punchin’ holes through his basement walls.”

Quote of the Week: “Do you guys work for Netflix?” — Unsolicited Man in the Airport to a Group of Adult Skateboarders

Summer’s coming, things are fully open again, and people are sending texts like, “There’s a rave out by JFK tonight,” so what better time than now to revisit Chilling With Friends? ♥


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