Where In The World Is Tommy Cuilan?

Huf on West Broadway (the summer before 9/11) by Gerhard Stochl, via Science Versus Life.

A video profile of Jahmal Williams for Juxtapoz magazine.

There are tried-and-true tales of crust synonymous with New Jersey, Philly, Ohio and the greater midwest — but for some reason, as the eastern seaboard begins transitioning into seafood shacks and Ivy League schools, a lot of that narrative gets lost, despite the fact that spots in places like Connecticut are every bit as rugged as those of its crustaceous neighbors. “Your Big Cheesecake” is a 14-minute video out of Connecticut by Dave Sullivan that is well-worth your time, and full of spots that you haven’t grown tired of seeing ♥ It really ramps up a few octaves at the end …that nollie at Trinity in particular, wow.

Wasn’t really expecting skate skits with “acting” and shit to bring so much joy in 2021, but Zach Moore keeps dropping gems: A)Goodfellows” is a parody of the Goodfellas trailer, with a screenplay by Sinner and Martin Shkreli. B) He only posts clips at skateparks! “Follower” is the same, but for the Followed trailer in honor of that one brodie who you just won’t follow back.

Paradeworld has a catch-up interview with Clyde Singleton, who is working on a book of black history in skateboarding.

A video profile of the Philadelphia skate scene.

The legend Kevin Taylor has a guest board for Krooked and a quick new Philly part to go along with it. Truly inspiring to see him launching off those tree-grates at Cecil, twenty years later.

Village Psychic sat down with Scott Johnston to get some of the backstories behind filming for his part in Mad Circle’s Let the Horns Blow video. Let him not cringing at his own fashion choices from 25 years ago be a lesson that you should always be yourselves! ;)

Austin Bristow spoke to the Slam City Skates blog and to Jenkem about his Portions video, which was very much the talk of the town in many towns last week.

A lot of nice New York shots in Ricardo Napoli’s photography feature over on the King magazine site.

Spot Update: The Philly step to cellar door on Lispenard and Broadway (as seen in Cyrus’ John’s Vid part and that Mark Humienik full cab flip line) is a wrap now.

Quote of the Week: “You just look into his eyes and it’s like talking to a bag of cats.” — Andre Page

Wondering if we’re due for a time when music gets this happy again once “this is all over.”


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