City of Scaffolds

“The pop guys are good looking and the drop guys are weird looking.” Lurker Lou and Aaron Herrington head out to Staten Island to skate “anything besides ABC Ledges” in the latest installment of Village Psychic’s “Lurking With Lou” series.

It takes Shaggy nearly 100 blocks to spend $100 in the latest installment of Skate Jawn‘s “$100 Chill” feature, which spans from World Trade to the Upper West Side. If you’ve always wondered what goes on inside the mind of skateboarding’s most prolific letter-writer, this is a nice intro ☺️

“In response to an art-making AI, the only comforting thing is, who cares? Art has never been about being proficient and skilled at making images with mediums. It’s always been about the time and the place and the person behind it and the story, and a computer doesn’t have any of that.” Jenkem spoke to Alexis Sablone about AI art, secret societies and invisibility cloaks.

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Thousand Dollar Kiss

Naquan Rollings released a new edit on YouTube. Mostly L.A. stuff, with a bit of New York. Features all the staple characters from Naquan edits, and an impeccable transition from Sada Baby to MF Doom, whose MM..Food album has been #trending a bit as of late…

Jason Byoun made a recap edit of the Hardbody trip to L.A. Lots of food pics. Hard to watch and not get hungry 🌯

Torn to shit by weather and use, bondo’d back to functionality, and still standing — the Trenton Banks have to be one of the longest-standing O.G. New Jersey spots at this point. Phat House dropped a “10 Years of Trenton Banks” covering a greatest hits of their crew’s footage at the spot, and including a young Ishod Wair doing something obviously insane.

Simple Magic released an updated version of its Skaters With Glasses Power Ranking, which can’t resist the easy puns like “he may need glasses, but [Diego] Todd’s vision is 20/20 when it comes to finding and figuring out interesting, unassuming, and downright dangerous skate spots.”

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Where In The World Is Tommy Cuilan?

Huf on West Broadway (the summer before 9/11) by Gerhard Stochl, via Science Versus Life.

A video profile of Jahmal Williams for Juxtapoz magazine.

There are tried-and-true tales of crust synonymous with New Jersey, Philly, Ohio and the greater midwest — but for some reason, as the eastern seaboard begins transitioning into seafood shacks and Ivy League schools, a lot of that narrative gets lost, despite the fact that spots in places like Connecticut are every bit as rugged as those of its crustaceous neighbors. “Your Big Cheesecake” is a 14-minute video out of Connecticut by Dave Sullivan that is well-worth your time, and full of spots that you haven’t grown tired of seeing ♥ It really ramps up a few octaves at the end …that nollie at Trinity in particular, wow.

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Skate Mags Used To Be Chill: 1997 Strength Magazine Feature on Suave House by Chris Nieratko


[On asking MJG what “MJG” stands for]
“You’re white. He’d definitely shoot you.”
“So you ask him.”
“I’m not asking him, he’ll shoot me too.”

Anyone with a social media presence has been made aware that Lil’ Boosie was released from prison yesterday. Naturally, today’s morning playlist was Boosie-themed, and made a stop at “In My Pockets,” a UGK remix of “Sho’Nuff.” (FYI: The three of them are known to create masterpieces of vulgarity together.) From there, procrastination led back to the “Sho’Nuff” video, and then a cursory Googling of some Suave House-related minutiae, which then revealed that Chris Nieratko had written an article about hanging out with the Suave House guys in 1997.

“The House That Suave Built” appeared in the short-lived not-short-but-not-very-long-lived, mostly-skateboarding-but-occasionally-other-stuff magazine, Strength in 1997. (A lot of the Chrome Ball scans of semi-obscure east coast names likely originate from Strength, as it was known to give east coasters slightly more love than Slap or Thrasher back then.) The article details the 72-hour period Nieratko, Clyde Singleton, and Bill Weiss spent in Houston with the Suave House VP. It’s not some end-of-Thrasher interview with an “underground” rapper, but a feature-length chronicle of rap video debauchery coming as close in contact with intoxicated skate tour antics as it ever has. Amazing to think there was a time when skateboard publications would spend money on travel and accommodations for their writers to come back with something as off-hand as this.

Suave doesn’t enjoy the waves of nostalgia that Cash Money, No Limit or Hypnotize Minds do today. That is partially due to the fact that no streetwear companies have re-released apparel with their logos on it, but also because it was more of a gold-selling label than a platinum one, i.e. 8Ball & MJG were its most high-profile artists. It was responsible for a lot of great music though, in addition to getting Clyde Singleton laid in a Houston hotel room.

Scans stolen from Nieratko’s site. Also related to mid-nineties southern rap dynasties and skateboarding: Nieratko and Mike York interview C-Murder.


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