Short Ends

Rest In Peace Brendan Leddy. Some of you might remember Brendan as having the first part in the Long Island video, Short Ends, which premiered alongside Static 3 in 2007, and also featured the first-ever parts from Jake Johnson and Luke Malaney. Brendan would go on to join the Air Force and he became an engineer after serving. He will be buried with a Silver Star. Tell your friends you love them ❤️

From summer trips to Hudson Valley swimming holes to building igloos at Tompkins, Kei Tsuruta’s “Donut Pub Mix” video is a 14-minute iPhone edit that features a lot of what was going on the periphery of them filming for Homies 2.

Not much info on this one, but “Last Straw” is a really sick New York winter edit that ramps up an octave in the last minute or so. That Euro gap to uphill landing kickflip is *wild*.

First time in three years that the frontrunner for “Skate Twitter Meme of the Year” doesn’t have to do with Drake. Hope you like penguins!

Really loving the quality full-length scene videos being released from this upper right-hand quadrant of the country in 2021. Last week, it was the Celine video out of Pittsburgh, this week, it’s Envelope by Vinnie Hager out of Baltimore, here to show you that #skatevideohouse ain’t dead! ♥

This is a 10/10 raw footy edit from Bust Crew featuring Dane Barker, Gilbert, et al.

Vans dropped a video profile of America’s sweetheart, Nick Michel.

While everyone else is eagerly waiting for things to be “normal” in one way or another, skateboarders have spent the pandemic building a foundation for a better overall version of what we love these past ~12 months. Skateism has an article on eleven ways in which skateboarding grew in 2020.

A lot of pertinent #mainstream #media coverage of subjects #relevant to us last week…

First off, is the Forbes feature about Brandon Turner and how he re-shaped his life to do the coolest fucking thing done on a skateboard last year. “When people say, ‘Aren’t you getting too old for this or that,’ that makes me want to do the complete opposite.”

CNN has a feature on Jordana Bermúdez’s portraits of New York’s female and non-binary skateboarders.

The Dallas Observer has a profile of Kareem Campbell.

Here is the teaser for Pete Spooner’s new video, Various Artists.

Quote of the Week
Observant Alcoholic: “During these troubled times, sometimes all we have is alcohol.”
John Choi: “There’s always hucking — but it ain’t the same without your boys.”


  1. that was so dope. i was hyped, honestly i forgot reading he passed away. . now i’m kinda sad after the video ends. “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather, we should thank God that such men lived.” ― George S. Patton Jr. rip Brendan

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