Stay in the Zone, Turn H20 to Cognac

Village Psychic put together all of Zered’s footage from the objectively bad skatepark next to the B.Q.E. They call it “Bad Park.” Zered calls it “Shit Park.” Queue up Z’s quote from when the park first opened: “Yeah, it’s terrible…but I’ll still skate it all the time.”

Ok, let’s get all the remaining 2020 Year-in-Review content out of the way now, lest we ever need to discuss it again. (More as a courtesy to all the people #creating #content, not for nostalgia’s sake.)

“Just cuz it’s obvious don’t make it wrong.” Boil the Ocean wrapped its annual countdown of the year’s ten best parts (+ a bonus track of ten more.)

Our friends at the Milan-based Skate Muzik podcast have a new NTS Radio episode that runs down some skate video #musicsupervision highlights from last year. That “Joy Road” song from Will Miles’ “Lambrusco” edit goes. Surprised the song Alicia Keys made about Max Palmer didn’t make it on there tbh.

Skate Newswire ran down its Top 10 videos and Anthony Pappalardo the Writer wrote a comprehensive recap of the year in skateboard media for Parade.

Bust Crew uploaded a raw files log of all the footy released from their extended family last year.

Angel Fonseca and the Papi Brand crew dropped a new part filmed over the course of the past year, where they apparently had a lot of luck with the bust at those ledges outside the Q on the Upper East Side ;)

Gangcorp’s Duron Simons has a new part that’s heavy on the ledges. That half cab back nosegrind shuv was 10/10.

Got a standalone upload of Kyota’s Homies 2 part:

Just finding out now that the Deluxe site has been posting …more custom content lately? Love that. They have an interview with Davonte Jolly about creating Godspeed, the skateboard video event of the holiday season ♥

During that week when everyone was complaining about Whole Lotta Red (which MF DOOM got shouted out on…), an esteemed colleague said, “People never learn their lesson. Music grows on you. In a week, they’ll all be editing Insta edits to it.” Have no idea if these dudes had any issue with WLR, but they *did* already edit to it. (Not Insta though.) “Don’t Smoke That Wood in Here 2” is a Jersey-based video from Lottery Boiz. Shout out to Branded Skateshop x2.

Most travelers’ Milan edits are Centrale-heavy, but Vague has a new one out that branches out a bit, at least for the first half ;) Features Harry Lintell, Barney Page, Charlie Munro and Jacopo Carozzi.

Quote of the Week
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Why do you have a Discover card?”
E.J: “Because I get points at restaurants with it. But no restaurants take it.”

“On Doomsday, ever since the womb, til I’m back where my brother went, that’s what my tomb will say.” ♥ Sounds a bit different now. Rest in Peace. (Yes, this is his best album.)


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