#QSTOP10 — January 29, 2021

The noseslide should be way up there, but tried to tend this media enterprises heavy noseslide bias at least a bit. This week was nuts, and clocks in at nearly three minutes. Shout out to all the indie scene videos for keeping us going in these times.

Rest in Peace Henry Gartland ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @burnt_urethane on IG [link]
10) Connor Noll via Celine [link]
9) Ben Lawrie via “Dill Slinger” [link]
8) Johan Bergljung via “Nordic Light” [link]
7) Nora Vasconcellos via OJ Wheels’ “Rendezvous” video [link]
6) Rowan Davis via “Dill Slinger” [link]
5) Tyler Hannah via Celine [link]
4) Shareef Grady via “ATL to SF” [link]
3) Tommi Björk via “Nordic Light” [link]
2) Roman Lisivka via “Métronome Noir” part [link]
1) Henry Gartland via “Dime Glory Challenge 2018: Street Challenge” ♥ [link]


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  1. Henry Gartland was a Good dude, nice style, and made skateboarding look fun. Legends never die.

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