#QSTOP10 — January 22, 2021

“What gives with the slow updates? Wasn’t it supposed to pick up last week? Why’s it just Monday Links and Top 10s? Where’s the idiotic #longform commentary on skateboard minutiae? Where are the #in #depth articles? Can I just get a Five Favorite Parts?”

Ok, ok, ok. You’re heard loud and clear. Just because things aren’t bubbling on the front page of a multinational skateboard media conglomerate, doesn’t mean they aren’t bubbling at all. It’s just been a historically slow moment for content right now, but the schedule is loaded up from here on out xoxo ♥

Have a good one.

P.S. “Why isn’t a Bernie meme the headliner?!”

Original Clips:


Intro via Omar Hassan [link]
10) Nika Washington via IG [link]
9) Dustin Henry via IG [link]
8) David Jakinda via “No Shame In MY Game” [link]
7) Taizo Mukk via IG [link]
6) Roman Lisivka via “The Crianzas in Alicante” video [link]
5) Hart Pullman via “Nahmagine” part [link]
4) Brian Pwoderly via Politic’s “Free Transmission” video [link]
3) Casper Brooker via IG [link]
2) Aidan Olmstead via “Until Then” video [link]
1) Flo Mirtain via “En Passant” part [link]


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  1. Lol giving Flo the ender when Joey O’Brien did that trick in 2017 and slid much farther (to fakie, but it’s the same trick). Dude continues to be better than most pro skaters, but is working construction in Pennsylvania. Skate industry ain’t shit

  2. As someone who cannot physically bluntslide without miserably slipping out and eating poo, #8 was a very satisfying clip (#1 too – more about the flip catch tho)

  3. @ ligma,

    never even heard of joey o’brien so i looked him up…. damn. that boy can skate. def needs more recognition. someone at like 917 or one of the smaller northeast brands should def put him on.

  4. I think the point being made is that Mr O’Brien must still work a proverbial “day job” instead of directly earning off his kf back nb to fakie skate talents. Working construction pays well and is less taxing on the body than pro skating. Smart guy hope he still rips and enjoys skating

  5. ^ yeah what that guy said, but perhaps with the caveat that joey o’brien should be getting a fatter paycheck for his skating too. if i was a team manager or brand director, i would call him up for sure. but alas, i am an unemployed moron

  6. lol you think Flo Mirtain is making mountains of money? For all we know he’s swinging a hammer right now.

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