Triple Kink

The new Blue Couch edit is their best one yet — a lot of which is just filmed in the vicinity of the 125th Street Fairway? Never realized those inch-high curbs at Grants Tomb were a doppelgänger for the London ones Tom Knox, Mike Arnold and them always skate.

Krux has a new edit with Arin, Marbie, Cooper, Kristin Ebeling, Ryan Lay, and others hitting Blue Park, Alligator, and all the spots under the Kosciuszko.

The Creed Video” is filmed around New York, Richmond and Charlotte. These sort of homie videos have a special charm ♥ Sincerely smiled at the turnaround after the 5-0 180.

Village Psychic asked Sabotage figurehead, Brian Panebianco, about the five best skateboarders from Pennsylvania.

Johnny Wilson likes a big harddrive. Excited for that new video. It’s like 2014 all over again.

Free has has a winter edit from Grand Collection featuring Ben Tenner, Brian Reid, Buggy, Jahmir, et al.

Father Bop’s 2020 recap on Instagram is good filmmaking.

Jenkem has a piece up about all the parks built during COVID, which includes Mosquito Beach, the park built by Pat Smith and friends in Long Island City. Here’s an unsolicited link to Pat Smith’s Label Kills part just because someone linked it on the comments here a while back. Def worth a revisit.

Our friends at Place just released the final installment of their three-part “Unsigned Hype” series with buzzing skaters out of Europe. The latest is with Pascal Moelaert — whose interview you can read here for European dating app advice ;)

The boys at King magazine interviewed Elijah Berle about his Alright Ok part.

Josh Kalis filmed a part at the D.I.Y. Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wish every D.I.Y. just had two consecutive benches in it :)

Grub Street has an article about the closing of the most recent iteration of Max Fish. What’s everyone who has the tattoo about the first Fish closing going to do about this one?

“Anatomy Of A Gonz Bones Bearings Ad That Kinda Maybe Captures The Moment Between The Year That’s Been And The One Yet To Come.”

“There were maybe 100 skaters per borough.” NY Skateboarding’s “Wriders” series that interviews people about the crossroads of graffiti and skateboarding has a new edition up.

Quote of the Week
E.J: “We’re going to courthouse.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Oh damn, he’s skating the drop?”
E.J: “Nah. The triple kink.”


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