J.R. Smith Already Without A Shirt

QS is by no means a Laker enterprise — just trying to be supportive of any and all events that lead to joy in the life of shirtless icon, J.R. Smith. Also L O L L L L L L at him having as many titles as the entire New York Kn*cks franchise.

Theories caught up with a bunch of New York skaters to ask about their spot hunting stories from the initial COVID shutdown in the city. Those days when Natural History, CBS and Big Screen were all a go at once were magic amongst the shit ♥

Alex Klein wrote a piece on his friendship with Keith Hufnagel over on GQ.

Lurker Lou’s new part, “Lou Flowers” is now live ♥

“Less is more.” Waylon Bone put together a Borough Hall montage paying tribute to one of our most Euro spots. It was funny hearing adults get giddy over a “newly waxed curb at Borough Hall” these past couple weeks. Simple things in 2020 yaknow.

Also in the realm of one-spot parts — here’s the teaser for “Upper West Side Curb Club,” a video filmed exclusively at Riverside Park’s Soldiers and Sailors monument.

The remix of Matthew Kennelly’s part in last year’s Next Video has me missing the CBS ledges, which was a staple of last autumn. They’ve been vigilant in replacing any knobs people have knocked off :(

Jerry Mraz and Jenkem revived the onetime bank-to-green-box spot in Harlem. Bound to become a “Summer Trip to New York” staple.

As we enter Q4, Boil the Ocean offers a round-up of likely S.O.T.Y. contenders.

German Nieves talks his five favorite skaters from New Jersey, though this question is really “Who are the other two besides Fred, Quim and Ishod?” He left Quim off, but has Andy Bautista on there, so #respect.

Crailtap has a day in the life video with Carl Aikens.

Missed this last week: Our friends at Seasons Skateshop have a new edit up on Thrasher that’s a blend of upstate and city footage.

TWS has an interview with the goat Ray Barbee on the occasion of his new spot on the Krooked team.

“One of the elements that I came across repeatedly was the sense of community and meaning that older people get from skateboarding. What is remarkable about this, is the fact that as you get older, friends, community, and meaning seem to be harder to establish or hold on to.” Paul O’Connor wrote some words about the boom 2020 has been for older people getting back into skateboarding.

“A lot of skaters are seriously boring. Especially American skateboarders, none of them were interesting enough to be a dick.” Likely a random name to many, but enjoyed the hell out of this: the Slam City Skates blog has an interview with Steve Kane, one of the original editors of the U.K’s Skateboard! magazine. Has some nice anecdotes are some O.G. New York skaters from the eighties. I wanna live on top of a Portuguese mountain, too…

Quote of the Week: “Rain is a deadline.” — Zach Baker


  1. If the Foundation video drops this year – Dakota Servold will be skater of the year. You heard it here first.

  2. Everyone with a pulse knows Quim is a style god, but Andy B needs more shine – Jerz Legend

  3. Skateboarding is the only thing keeping me from a complete and total mental breakdown. It’s nice to enjoy it vicariously via QS while injured. Thx guys!

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