Anarchist Jurisdiction

Photo by Tobin Yelland

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“Every interview cemented that yeah, he accomplished a lot but it was about skateboarding and that actually meant something that he fostered: growing a community by supporting people you believe in.” Anthony Pappalardo the Writer wrote a bit about Huf’s impact on him as an east coaster with teen eyes on San Francisco in the nineties.

Village Psychic re: “Huf & Friends” from Interface.

TWS rounded up the words and tributes from fellow pro skaters about the influence Keith Hufnagel had on their lives ♥

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A rare micro-genre of skate video is ones where all subjects seem to be employed adults. Village Psychic has the web premiere of dear friend and QS contributor, Adam Abada’s, Big Budget video, filmed in the five years since he moved out west, and with a nostalgic eye for the TV shows and skate videos of yesteryear :)

Another favorite micro-genre of skate video: European party edits, a la the eternal “Ragers Inc.” “Piss Off” looks like it’s based out of Frankfurt, Germany, and makes me miss …partying and skating in Europe :( Spotted via our friends at Place.

Zubr compiled 18 minutes of Rowan Zorilla loosies.

Something different: Skateism has a video showcasing the scene in Gaborone, Botswana.

Skate Jawn has a recap video + article of the first-ever street contest at the Trenton Banks, one of New Jersey’s most famous and deceptively hard-to-skate spots. The boardslide at the end is wild.

Steven Custozzo and Michael Faller’s shared part in the Upstate-based Heirloom video is the good kind of weird, in a reminiscent of Tilt Mode sort of way. (That bank in front of the old Gristedes on E. 96th Street is closed off now, btw.)

Duck Soup” is a New York edit by Cuzi and some youngs, in the classic mold of the web edits you grew up loving. Excited to see these get better and better.

Japanese videos truly feel unlike anything else in this world. Watch the ~moody~, atmospheric “Pale” by Kenta Okamoto, via Live.

“Showcasing not just impressive physical feats but also an embodied lifestyle, THPS communicated a philosophy of play in urban space.” Paul O’Connor wrote about the impact of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and its role in making skateboarding truly mainstream.

With only a month left until it gets dark before 5 P.M., Leo Heinert started a petition to install lights in more skateparks across the city. If volleyball and basketball courts have them, why not us?

Quote of the Week
Andre Page: “Kev, turn my car off.”
Kevin Tierney: “How? I never touched a car in my life.”

“Shuttttt uppppppp.”


  1. Tried commenting last week but that Zooted video by Stefan was highly enjoyable to watch – great filming style – Give Jiro 2-3 years of man strength he’s gonna be a problem

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