Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon

Keith Denley by Josh Stewart

Dustin Henry and his brother Tristan are asking for skaters’ aid in fundraising for Nations Skate Youth, which helps build indigenous communities, provides skate lessons, and advocates for skatepark construction. Any donation helps.

Max Palmer and Ryan Mettz curated a group art show with some friends to fundraise for SNaP Co. and Emergency Release Fund. You can buy a raffle ticket for any piece of your liking via a $20 Venmo, and all proceeds go to a good cause.

“I found out that the protest, called Skate for Justice, was organized by a 19-year-old Black woman from Pasadena named Doris Mantley and a four-person team; Isaak Navarro, Chloe Little, Lilly Fuller, and Lauren Sayre. Doris had attended the first protest of her life on May 30th and by June 6th was organizing one of her own.” Abada did an inspiring interview with Mantley over on Skateism.

Anthony Pappalardo the Writer with some great words on Kareem Campbell, who would make for such a great #longform profile in a 2020 publication a la Willy’s on Tyshawn or Noah Gallagher Shannon’s on Grant, but from a different career-arc perspective.

Two new ones from the Theories of Atlantis thinktank: “Dial 215” by Dialtone Wheels with a mostly new-gen Philly ensemble cast, and “Now Showing” from Picture Show, which is a bit more of a new team teaser.

The Jenkem dudes snuck into the Banks mid-construction to lift a couple bricks and mail them out as a tribute to those who have clocked iconic clips there.

…aanndd GQ covered the Brooklyn Banks closure and construction… (2033, eh?)

Alexis Sablone has a new edit out from the Cons park that they had out in Greenpoint this past winter.

Boil the Ocean kicked off its annual “Summer Mixtape” series early with a Kevin Taylor nod.

No big sponsors at New York’s Go Skate Day this year.

Man those days when there was a 50% chance you’d get stuck at Chinatown Manny Pad anytime you’d skate downtown were bleak. The new Marino’s Tapes is good though.

Interviews! Interviews! Interviews!

Chromeball interviewed Andrew Allen for Transworld [dot com.]

Japan’s VHS Mag interviewed young-N.J. O.G. Dick Rizzo (in English, yes.) Btw, did the footage of this ever come out?

Ali Boulala is the latest guest on The Bunt.

The Slam City Skates blog spoke to Pontus Alv about pants.

“Because when I first started talking to him in the office, I was watching and he would look down at his telephone. He was typing at the same time. And there was a point where I’m like, is he listening? I got up so I can kind of see what he was doing, and when I got to the other side of the table, he wasn’t not paying attention to me, he was just writing what I said down. Dead serious.” — 50 Cent on meeting Pop Smoke for the first time.

Quote of the Week: “There are more days in Manhattanhenge than there are days you can comfortably wear a sweatshirt with shorts.” — Brian Procell

Favorite adult in music since he was a young dude.


  1. is this an indicator of that elusive keith denley part being worked on or is he just tearing up my heart like the backstreet boys?

  2. That Dial 215 vid was nice, Philly seems underrepresented ever since Love got torn down. especially here on the west coast, most of my homies don’t even know about sabotage.

  3. All I kno is Gang Corp fed the homies w 20+ boxes of pizza and free water at Tf west shit was valid af

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