A Video For The Social Distancing Era: Carhartt WIP Social Remix

We all agree that conversations about Instagram are an egregious insult to our short time on earth. Yet, we cannot help ourselves. How do we crack the algorithm? How do we attain #maximum #exposure? How do we make a million dollars doing not that much, or at least get a follow-back from @emrata to give us a reason for getting up in the morning?

In 2020, most visual content is tailored for Inst*gr*m. Your friend who is $80k in debt because he studied large format photography at Pratt just Googled the proper dimensions for an Insta story. We even had an office discussion about at what age will our monthly “Five Favorite Parts” exercise become obsolete, e.g. when will a pro skater’s formative influences be a collection of saved slices of skating on social media rather than fully-realized “video parts.”

Anyway! Over the past ~year or so, Carhartt WIP has been posting byte-sized trip edits on Instagram, featuring an array of QS favorites: Max Palmer, Andrew Wilson, Josh Pall, frequent Atlantic Drifters Sylvain Tognelli and Rémy Taveira, plus others. Like with most bits of great minute-long skating, our old-world skate media biases flared up, and these edits always left us wanting …more.

After a few friendly inquiries (“Hey, umm so we do these remix videos sometimes and ummm…”), a miracle happened. Romain Batard, the principal filmer behind the WIP edits (and also the prolific “Giddy” video series) was nice enough to mix together an old-fashioned montage of all the footage, along with a ton of previously unseen clips. Somehow, seeing it all together makes it feel like we’re watching it for the first time ♥

Features Max Palmer, Andrew Wilson, Roman Gonzalez, Ollie Lock, Sylvain Tognelli, Jack O’Grady, Pepe Tirelli, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Tolia Titaev, Taylor Caruso, Josh Pall, Felipe Bartolomé, Rémy Taveira.

Contributing filmers: Romain Batard, George Kousoulis, Jeffrey Giddens & Vincent Villagomez.