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Did you know that the middle of the out ledge at Zuccotti is actually a portal into the netherworld?

You’re about to think you’re reading a 2014 Monday Links update: “Buzzcam 01” is a new Johnny Wilson video blog. We LOVE YouTube Johnny. Mostly filmed around the Vans park, with some street clips at the end.

Zach Baker put together a new edit featuring E.T. and E.J. for when she tells you that you’re too old to be listening to YNW Melly.

NENGAJO” is a fun five-minute New Years VX montage via a bunch of dudes from Japan in New York, with some cameos mixed in between ♥

“They don’t put skate parks in the middle of wealthy neighborhoods or a busy shopping district. They put them under bridges and that is absolutely not an accident.” Solo has an awesome interview with Ocean Howell that talks about, like, urbanism and sociology ‘n shit.

Never have I been so mystified… Gustav Tønnesen and Raekwon teamed up for a six-minute Instagram footage compilation, and it is completely fucked obvs.

“They used to come out with rottweilers, look it up.” Actually, over by the Seagram Building, they still sometimes do. David Linberg and some warm weather clips in a quick, belated “Summer Trip to New York” edit. Fakie 5-0 on a round pop-out rail seems mortifying.

Some long lines in a long part: Tyler Stier’s “Peach” part is mostly filmed around Buffalo, but has some night clips around the city and some day clips in like, Miami :) Who has time to night skate in Miami, yaknow?

“Did you lock the car, Brady?” The Palace boys in L.A. via Daniel Wheatley.

Skateism has an interview with Lanna Apisukh about her book, They Skate, which is a series of portraits chronicling the changing faces of skateboarding in New York.

Very hyped on the increased amount of Akira sightings lately. Charles Lamb and Akira Mowatt went to Shanghai last year and came back with this edit.

When’s the last time you bought a skate video on VHS? Diego Donival’s Potluck video, which premiered back in December, is now available for hard copy purchase.

NY Skateboarding has a check-out with Tennant, a new skate shop in Bed-Stuy.

The latest guest on The Bunt is crowd favorite, Pat Burke.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: It’s probably a stretch to expect the Chris Paul that would singlehandedly steal playoffs games for New Orleans ~10 years ago, but a 2-7 match-up between Houston-OKC in the first round of the playoffs would be really fun.

Quote of the Week: “The flight had wifi so I just looked at Goyard bags.” — Gio Vacca


  1. If we should be considering our role in shaping public space more responsibly, Professor Howell, its the responsibility of someone like you to use your platform to discuss era defining phenomena like gentrification in more comprehensive and informative terms outside of your narrow and boring academic field. Something like, “The federal government defunded public housing for 50 years while developers like Trump received decades of financial incentives, inevitably causing gentrification through government policy. Thats why for any skater who wants to affordably rent or own housing in any major city, the 2020 election is the most important of their lifetime.”
    Instead you gave us “Europeans think different”.

  2. study the hard sciences (physics, bio, chem, math). These are strict curriculums based on ancient concepts provable through time and space. If you can learn a tre flip you can figure out calculus. Art, history, philosophy are cool but you can study that on passion for the rest of your life. Enroll in a community college and study the hard sciences for as cheap as possible because those are tangible job skills that literally any society/city needs. That’s the ticket to a high enough paying career to get started in an expensive city. Shit, you can work elevator repair or get a CDL and make enough for a 1-2 bedroom in the boroughs. Find a good girl and talk about finances and long term planning. Saving enough money for a home comes from good financial habits. You don’t learn to kickflip over night and you don’t save $10-100k over night. stop wasting money on dumb shit. Cook your own food. Stop getting dumb bitches pregnant. Learn about how debt works. make debt work for you. If u live in your parents house and work at Chiptole you might actually net more than a “college grad” with loans and expensive rent working a bullshit ass office job. If you are a recent college grad working that bullshit ass office then stay in the job and go to school at night and get better job skills. Spend your 20s working as much as possible earning and saving. Always think about business opportunities (start a skate brand if you rip and have buzz!) By the time you’re 30 you should have enough saved where you can afford to work less and actively invest. By the time you’re 40 you should have enough where you can afford to quit your day job (but don’t). Find a way to open your own business. If you worked 20 years as an elevator repair guy, find a way to open your own shop. Maybe find a different lane in the same industry. Own something. by the time you’re 50+ your kids should be nearing adult age and hopefully your house and affairs are relatively settled so if you die then your kids are ok. at that point you’ll have experienced enough in life to maybe run and serve in public office

  3. the fasces is an important symbol in American lore. find one neatly tucked away under GW statue at wall st gap (or under the statues next to the kink rail behind 60 centre). Represents frailty of one and strength through unity. Skateboards are 7ply for a reason

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