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Nice! So we made it two weeks without having to rally for a skate spot’s survival on a Monday Links post… This time, the spot is an ocean away, but in this media enterprise’s opinion, it’s the best spot in the world — even better than Tompkins when there are two boxes! Everyday Hybridity has the most current update on Prague’s Stalin Plaza being fenced off / condemned to renovation.

It’s all fun and games until Balenciaga actually does a renegade runway show at Blue Park next September.

A dear friend, “Zach from Crown Heights,” called into The Brian Lehrer Show’s episode about the “cost of climate resilience” to provide a T.F. anecdote to the ongoing battle with the East River Park renovation. The convo in question happens just after the 17-minute mark. Whole episode is worth listening to if you want some context as to how this whole issue came to be in the first place.

Best random inbox New York montage in a while: “hoobif8.” Not much who/what/when/where/why info on it, but they killed it on digging a bit deeper for spots in the city, and that last song rips ♥

Really rad NY/NJ part from the Travel Skateshop family: Anthony Gordon and Adler Joseph by Matty Hilzenrath.

You thought 2019 would have flying cars, except all that happened is somebody waxed the lower fence ledge at Reggaeton. “Solace of Mind” is an iPhone edit by a bunch of Virginia dudes.

With so many skate trips derailed by drinking — skateboard travel’s oldest foe — it was inevitable that the alcohol scarcity and proximity to Europe would give way to Morocco #trending as a trip destination. The Marseilles dudes from the always fun-to-watch Unemployed Skate Co. went there, and came back with a nine-minute edit.

Ross Norman by Ross Norman in collaboration with Ross Norman.

Who needs Fashion Week when you have L.E.S. Park

“He lets you sink your own boat.” The Welcome Leeds blog has the extended interview with Mike O’Meally about shooting Anthony Van Englen for ~20 years, which first appeared in the A.V.E. book.

Offseason QS Sports Desk Play of the Week:Perc Nowitzki.”

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