E.T’s ‘Courtesy’ Part — The Original Edit

Happy birthday to E.T. — or, who any non-skate friend followers of QS lovingly refer to as “that child who is always on your Instagram.” Today, he is 21 and no longer a child. This of course has no bearing in his native Canadian providence of Quebec, where the drinking age is 18, but at least now he will no longer be stripped of his right to a buzz once on the American end of the border.

In honor of this, Jake Kuzyk was kind enough to share the original edit of Etienne’s part in the Courtesy video that came out earlier this year. The powers that be ended up nixing this cut, opting for a re-edit to a song by the Houstonian with the most famous phone number of the early 2000s.

Cameos from Stafon, Kader, Justin Henry, Gio, et al.


  1. ran into etienne briefly in london once – really nice dude – hadda nice necklace on too i remember – really makes skate look funnnn and funnyyyy

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