What It Do Babbyyyy

Photo via the tumbleweeds. Tumblr in 2019 is like that one ledge spot that was popping five years ago. Everyone used to meet there, get clips there, get stuck there. Now it’s chunked up, the bevel got as round as Blubba, and it sorta just sits there. Maybe a group of guys in their 30s will skate it for 20 minutes before they go to the bar. Maybe a pair of kids in #curated thrift store finds visiting from out of town will film each other do two-trick lines for their trip edit on it. The solitary man who shows up after work once every two weeks to ensure that he hasn’t lost his back tails is always a fixture. But sometimes, all three of those end up there together, and it’s fun — not fun like the old days, but enough to remind you that they existed ;)

NBC visited Tompkins to speak with Zhu and Yaje about how much that square of asphalt means to the community. Please sign the petition to preserve Tompkins Square courts as an asphalt space, if you have yet to do so.

The Canal boys have a new video coming out this fall :)

Medium has an awesome feature with Justin Bohl, a guy who has been the go-to tour guide for skate teams visiting Detroit over the past eight years. He put together a twenty-minute video entitled Mint, which features a bunch of behind the scenes footage of all the traveling skaters who have come through the city as it became sought-after skate trip destination in the 2010s.

Ultra” from Chris Burt is up there with the Bos brothers’ “Wide Open” for 2019’s best videos outside of the Thrasher/Insta content spiral. It’s a Minnesota video with three parts, mostly filmed in the suburbs, yet somehow feels all the right ways different than a lot of the other stuff you’ve watched this past week. Ender part from Frog’s Pat Gallaher.

The New York Times has a quick profile of Alexis Sablone.

Jordan Trahan is the early front runner for I.G.S.O.T.Y. — but not in a kid who wears Gucci sneakers and makes Stoner Park edits to Lil’ Pump type of way.

French style lords Karl Salah + Oscar Candon in a moody two-minute street edit from Paris for the FUTUR brand.

Lenny put together a fun iPhone edit with a bunch of the Alltimers guys from when everyone was in Vancouver for House of Vans last month.

“Rn Mansion” is an extended Vancouver montage with a quick New York section in the middle.

Scott Johnston is the latest guest on the Mission Statement podcast.

Bobby Puelo put out a “Greatest Misses” edit from the Static II days. Skatepark clips! In a Puleo edit! It’s like Stevie Williams doing an invert! Who would’ve thought!

Skateism has a nice pair of interviews about the budding skate scene in the world’s second most populated country.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: There’s only one man who can rescue the Knicks now!

Quote of the Week: “It’s amazing that griptape is the one thing that you guys can’t get for free.” — Zered’s Girlfriend

Rewatched Mode the other day, and then tracked this one down ♥


  1. I really hope they don’t take out the asphalt at TF, I signed tha petition.. let’s get this sheiit ima tell my homies to sign that shit too

  2. i’m kinda old (not like old-old) and will be the first to admit that i never ‘got’ screwed and chopped music, but that aaliyah track somehow someway sounds divine. kudos boys.

  3. No shade at the Bos bros/Minnesota buddies (or anyone else making indy skate videos, big ups), but y’all need to put some gosh darn respek on Zach Sayles and Vanish. Don’t think the vid’s gotten any shine on here, outside of a Top 10 nod. Y’all schleep

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