$17 For a Bagel

An old gem from Charles Rivard, PhD.

If you have not signed the petition to keep synthetic turf off of the Tompkins Square Parks court, but have the (*begin Stephen A. Smith voice*) AUDACITY to log onto QS — we are going to come to your house, break your refrigerator, and then fucking bring it to Tompkins.

It’s one of those rare weeks when the links gravitate towards the written word and not videos. Good time to load up Instapaper if you have a flight or long bus-ride ;)

No idea how this is floating under the radar… Muckmouth basically has an oral history of New Deal skateboards, in which they caught up with all (?) of the original riders as a specified addendum to the “where are they now” things that they were doing a few years back.

The New York Times has a story about the awful situation with the security guard and the GX crew at Black Rock, and how it has opened the conversation about about how we all interact with security. (Everyone just leave. Come back or don’t, but just leave.)

“The Dogtown phenomenon, billed in the doc as ‘the birth of the now,’ has since become a cottage industry.” This is a cool longform profile of Craig Stecyk that traces back on a lot of the “ethos” that skateboarding adopted from California surfers and quickly found itself commodified.

Jenkem also has a nice profile of Stefan Janoski.

“Swole Is The Goal” is a new iPhone video from generic spot avoider extraordinaire, Dave Caddo. (Speaking of which, there should probably be a public log of all the A.B.Ds at the current Spot of the Week™ that he popped off, just to avoid the petty misunderstandings that will no-doubt occur as footage begins to trickle out from that thing.) Anyway, the video includes a mini Greg Huff part.

Frog has the raw files from Kyota’s part in The Homies Video for anybody who isn’t onboard with the whole #trendwatch2019 Smashing Pumpkins thing ;)

Boil the Ocean stares off into the abyss of modern skate footage, and qualifies the fakie shove-it’s return to fashion.

Village Psychic talked to Jaws about the implications of not having a shoe sponsor.

Kinda figured their 100th episode would be with a Canadian legend — like, Rick Howard or some shit. Danny Renaud is the guest for Bunt #100.

What it is like to run a print skate magazine [in Europe] when all the odds of modern time are obvs stacked against you ♥

Nice D.O.A. montage from Eric Nguyen that has a couple New York clips.

Quote of the Week
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Where’d you get that Rip-N-Dip umbrella from?”
Sweet Waste: “It came with a bunch of Tenga eggs I got.”

Still processing this tbh. No, it didn’t include a coffee. Just a bagel.


  1. Shit, if you think that bagel is a bad look, go sit down for one at the Russ & Daughters at the Jewish Museum the next time you’re Uptown doing doctor or museum or park shit.

    Something like $25 with tax and tip.

  2. Katz Deli prices are also a joke. It’s sad that NYC/SF are impossible for the average person to live in.

  3. At least Katz + Russ & Daughters have been around for 100+ years and have the name to back them up. They’re basically tourist traps, so they can charge tourist trap prices. No beef with that at all.

    $17 for a chain bagel on the way to skate midtown… idk if the same applies.

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