You’ve Gotta Love Sports!

Summer QS stuff available in all of our domestic, Euro, Japan + Korea accounts now. (Eastern Canada has it, western Canada should be getting everything this week.) Our webstore goes live today at 11 A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

Bills 3 Late Fee” is the new video from Angel Foseca and the crew up in The Bronx. Always a pleasure watching these videos that look and feel way different than so much of the other stuff coming out of the city.

If your heart doesn’t melt watching this… well, I don’t even know — Diego Meek (Dr. Scarecrow, et al.) put together a six-minute mini-doc about Skate After School, a program serving eight low-income elementary schools. “I painted it myself!” If you want a PSA about skateboarding at its purest and absolute best, this is it.

Naquan uploaded the 34-minute master file of Black Business b-sides.

Tompkins Square Park native son, Yaje Popson, is is the latest guest on the “Mission Statement” podcast.

Not sure if I’d leave an iPhone on the bench at Columbus Circle, no matter how early in the morning, but Brad Cromer apparently likes to live in suspense. “StorNYtime3” is a compilation of clips from Brad’s Insta story via Mexico + a bunch of parks across the city.

“I don’t wanna change anything.” Sage has a Q & A thing with Solo.

Speedway talks to Josh Stewart about what he feels have been the most personally influential bits of #musicsupervision throughout skate videos.

Jake Kuzyk put together a new edit entitled “Lower,” featuring a bunch of Alltimers, Dime, etc. affiliates. A good deal of Courtesy b-sides, but much more :)

Silo” is a Theories-approved video from a new generation of kids coming out of Tampa. Decent bit of New York footage in there, with what’s sure to be one of the last sightings of the Fredrick Douglass spot :(

We are under contractual obligation to link any skate video that uses a song from Anti, so here is “Giddy #10,” an all-Los Angeles outing from Romain Batard.

Essential, inspirational reading about a remarkable human being. Much love to Thando and the Beschta family ♥

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Yesterday was the funnest “I have no horse in this race, I just want to enjoy this”-day in the NBA since the second half of the 2016 Finals. Who the hell would’ve thought that Dame’s instantly-iconic shot from two weeks ago would get one upped in the second round…during a Game 7.

Quote of the Week: “Dude, for some reason, I was thinking about Sadat X when I woke up this morning.” — Torey Goodall


  1. the skate after school video made me want to recycle more rigorously to leave the planet in good shape for those kids

    hope everyone will join me

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