#QSTOP10 — March 15, 2019

The first overly eventful week in the QS universe of 2019 — when’s the last time there were three clips in a row from friends on the front page? 2015?

And because of that, we’re going to nudge you in the direction of “Hope It’s Worth The Watch :)” again (linked it on Monday, but it’s fun, quick, and been on repeat just as much as the the more New York-centric offerings from the week), and Shawn Hale’s “Beautiful Mutants” part — no idea who dude is, but he did a ton of really cool shit with just the right amount of “different” sprinkled on everything. Plus, it’s always nice to watch someone’s part and know what their favorite shirt is by the end ;)

Didn’t know who the Pyramid Country dude at #2 was, sorry. Anyone?

Rest in Peace Jake Phelps

Original Clips:


Intro via The BSA Boys’ Sober video [link] 10) Juan Virues via Tangram Divison’s “KAFÜ” video [link] 9) Ben Blundell via “OJO” part [link] 8) Heitor Da Silva via “Hope it’s worth the watch :)” [link] 7) Ville Wester via “Hope it’s worth the watch :)” [link] 6) Stu Kirst via “Skate Clip” [link] 5) Nik Stain via “Skate Clip” [link] 4) Felipe Bartolome via Tangram Divison’s “KAFÜ” video [link] 3) Shawn Hale via “Beautiful Mutants” part [link] 2) IDK via Pyramid Country’s “Procession” video [link] 1) Cyrus Bennett via “Skate Clip” [link]


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  1. Klay Anderson! Although he could just legally change his name to IDK and make it easier on everyone.

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