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She’s better than you, and has better style.

Sorta inevitable that Sheckler would meet the “why the fuck you lying”-guy, who was the unofficial soundtrack of Labor Day weekend.

Some photos of the soon-to-be-completed skatepark in East Williamsburg, which is developer-speak for “not not sorta Bushwick.” (It’s off the Graham L.) Looks on the mellower side of the skatepark spectrum, a la Canarise.

The fakie hardflip over the block at J Kwon should put an end to the age-old debate.

The most important piece of #skate #journalism in at least thirty years: Jenkem interviewed the iconoclast who tried to ollie the thirteen-flat-thirteen in the rain…which of course, is one of the five greatest tricks to never happen.

Thanks to perhaps the most heavily reblogged trick of 2015 (and maybe a surging interest in Canadian exports), Spencer Hamilton earned a place in the hearts of many who otherwise forget that Canada often produces superior skateboarders to America. Supra took notice, and made a “best of” part for him to bring anyone else up to speed.

Rare in-office week for the QS Fashion Desk, in preparation for #NYFW: SMLTalk runs down the greatest headwear choices in skate video history and here’s an an interview with Fergus Purcell, one of the principal designers behind Palace.

Vice has an #uplifting mini-doc about the emergence of skateboarding in Palestine.

Bronze’s “ask me anything” department is right — it doesn’t matter what crew “shitted on” whatever other crew in New York, because New York skateboarding never fully recovered from Dave Mayhew’s stay here in 1999:

The backside flip off the big bank over the police barrier is legitimately still the 8th or 10th best trick done in city limits after Westgate’s 2x ollies on Canal Street, Kalis’ fakie flip at Newport, Jake’s wallride, Rieder’s impossible, and a bunch of stuff Zered has done. Also, forgetting that part was a massive oversight here.

That being said, Pyramid County’s Ripplescape video is solid, and features a handful of the more insane things to happen here in recent months (pull-in nosegrind at Columbus Park, frontside flip the Seaport bench, etc.) Way more enjoyable than any other U.S. tour vid in recent history.

“In the span of just about a week, Boil the Ocean internet web blog was able to compile an array of image-damaging content features and fiery remarks that reflect poorly on the extreme sport that once seemed on pace to unseat baseball as the sport of the future.” Wipe your lens Wilson, damn.

Eli Reed doing some manuals, and some bro cam footage from the Mira Conyo squad.

Spot Updates: The downtown Brooklyn post office spot is now knobbed.

Quote of the Week: “Having a French bulldog is like buying a used Jaguar. It’s the best and you’ll love the thing, but it’s going to cost you a ton of money.” — Barnes

Enjoy that school year y’all ;)


  1. had to comment when i read about the “top ten ny tricks” just some fine tuning in my opinion on the newer stuff. rieders kickflip up the fishgap was more impressive than the impossible, jakes ollie over that marble thing onto the skinny ledge over by city hall id say was crazier that the wallride. and I’d prob say that that ollie on centre street gillette did might deserve some recognition, that whole trick just doesnt make sense when you look at the spot in person. also zered dropping in on the red sculpture is really funny and crazy

  2. yooo i wanna give a major showt out to the bronze and jamaka. also bring mother skateboards back!!! fuck quazi that shit wack!! MOTHER!! all da way !! also i would like to add that the girl who heelfiped the three is really cute and i just love her, not in a sexual pedifile way doe..

  3. New York was completely abandoned… however, some 10 million Los Angeles–area residents, tired of their self-centered, laid-back culture and lack of four distinct seasons, and yearning for the hustle and bustle of East Coast life, had already begun repopulating the city. – The Onion

  4. One day as a kid coming back from J&R world I came across Dave Mayhew and Rodney Torres skating the courthouse ledge to drop. I was 9 or 10 and that was my first real introduction to skating. The shit they were doing seemed to defy physics, and I remember being so amped as a kid (I started skating after that). This was pre 9/11, they sessioned the spot for a long time, filmed a few tricks but they mostly just skated. This was also pre mike wright switch fs flip, when any trick done into the drop was a big deal. They were doing all kids of tailslides crooked grinds nose manuals Mollie flips etc…

    I’ve skated and walked Past the courthouse thousands of times.and sometimes see people try a few tricks, or skating black hubba, but to this day I’ve never seen anything as clean or as consistent as what they were doing. It still blows my mind as an adult looking back

  5. Eyy niggas i wanna see the banks! BROoKlYN BANKS!! Btw i switch frontside heeld the banks back in 2007 but i still havent seen the clip!!

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