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Help Kevin Tierney get a new knee.

Dime and Alltimers present…the first skateboard specifically designed for girls.

It may be gone by the time you read this, but the crew from Canal Wheels dropped off a new box at T.F. (Though it seems to have already switched sponsors.) Sorta wonder if a loose box stands to live a longer life at Delancey curb rather than T.F. these days.

TWS posted a “Five Trick Fix” from Johnny Wilson’s new video, Sure. Word is that it’s going online sometime this week :)

Obviously there are three Soho clips in the new Austyn Gillette part.

Also always been my favorite part from the guy who ruined skateboarding.

SML Talk comes through with some detailed analysis of the “one down,” rather than the more popular “one up.” Unless there are photos of you running in next month’s Thrasher, A.B.Ds are an irrelevant concept in 2015. Chris Joslin or Shane O’Neill are always only a five-hour flight away. Somebody will be better than you, the guy who did the best tricks over the Flushing grate is someone you’ve probably never heard of, and nobody will ever look as cool as J.B. Gillet. Who cares if some nerd in brown pants did a better trick? Like, have fun dude ;) #sk8life

Genesis Evans’ part from Life is Goodie. Watch out for rocks and cracks.

Our friends at Chapman out in Long Island dropped a new short video, “For Play:”

This intro clip for some new company called Futur is solid. Features Santiago Sasson and Juan Saavedra, who you probably recognize from the past few Palace videos.

NY Skateboarding has some good photos of the Nike park in Greenpoint, if you have yet to go. It’s open Thursdays through Sundays from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. until Labor Day, though I feel like someone was saying it’ll last til the end of September.

A quick two minutes from the The Bronx.

Can’t imagine this will resist the fate of the ledges facing the main street at this spot after the new sidewalk is laid down.

Yo we out to Beirut

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Lamarcus Aldridge cancelled his scheduled meeting with the Knicks, back when his destination was still a question. The Spurs will be in the Finals next year, Timmy will have one more ring than Kobe, shrug it off, and walk into the sunset created by the pause screen of his favorite video game.

Quote of the Week:


Shout out Jaden.

R.I.P. Westway. Definitely had fun there a few summers ago.


  1. Re: one-downing. I would like to point out that the Supreme clip featured another one-down, and this time 17 years later! The roll-on grind from ledge to ledge was done by Jaya Bonderov in the 411vm Adrenalin Industry section from 1998. Jaya drops off the wall onto the head-high side, the Supreme kid drops off the wall onto the lower waist-high side. Supreme really is ahead of the curve on this one.

  2. We got a lot of entries for the remix contest. Will try to sort through them this week and hopefully have a winner by next Monday’s post.

  3. Did everyone forget that Gallant did kick flip into the emb fountain in the dc vids bonus montage?
    He did that shit at night over the manny pad Jovontae kf nosemannyed .
    Kevin Bradley’s kick flip in sickness was dope but figured people should pay homage to gallant and rewatch that dc bonus montage. I blame Greg myers for nobody remembering that dc montage.

  4. @East coast ryan: upon careful examination of the 240p Gallant clip, its clear that he doesn’t actually clear the first sidewalk – he bypasses it by using the 3-stair located in between the corners of those ledges. Kind of a “creative” filming angle: So the Supreme kickflip stands as an NBD…at least until someone digs up another 411VM clip of Willy Santos/Adam McNatt doing it.

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