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We restocked the webstore with a few spring items that were sold out before. This will be the last go-around for these. #supportyourlocalskatesite ;) ♥ ♥ ♥

Zered Bassett v.s. the Yonkers white hubba.

Another Brian Brown sighting. What’s the most-trick record for a single IG line?

25 minutes of raw footage extras from Life is Goodie. Buy a DVD copy here.

Someone compiled all of @olsonstuff’s Instagram footage.

Yo shout out Norway and Norwegians: “For Snøhetta’s Opera House in Oslo, architects consulted skateboarders regarding surface textures and materials, leading to parts of the building and its immediate surroundings being kitted out with skateable marble ledges, kerbs, bench-like blocks and railings.” Damn, that’d be chill if we got consulted for the Lincoln Center renovation.

Great John Choi footage in this Puerto Rico B-sides clip with the Paych dudes.

Boil the Ocean on Cliché’s Gypsy Life video. Also #lol @ “Arcadian manual-pad mixologist who had languished for a time in a kind of post-Tyron Olson teammate limbo” re: Joey Brezinski.

On the topic of French people, got a kick out of this Youtube account, which has a bunch of spot compilations for name-brand French skate spots e.g. the Lyon hubba, the Bercy blocks, the Le Dome hubba, etc.

Ripped Laces has a lengthy interview with Franck Boistel, the guy who designed a bunch of the most well-known skate shoes from the late nineties and early 2000s.

Yaje has a new part filmed during a three-week period out in southern California. A lot of hot moves. (“It’s cool, but it’s still Cali.” — E.J.)

Mike Carroll recreates a ~30-year-old photo of Mickey Reyes.

#1 in this week’s Worldstar Vine Comp

The Times ran a cool New York skateboarding photo feature.

Listicles: Theories of Atlantis on the greatest switch and nollie hardflips, and SMLTalk on the ten best credits sections from skate videos.

The Vans vid will be on iTunes May 5. New York premiere access info here.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: This wasn’t as surprising as it would’ve been for any other player in the NBA. Which is scary.

Quote of the Week: “I want to get really good at skating gnarly shit.” — Yaje Popson

Free Rob and the S.O.T.Y. Keep y’all heads up :(


  1. the lack of updates has made my post lunch reading very boring and sad. Missing you this week Snack ;(

  2. “Its cool but its cali?”

    2pac vs Biggie

    All you dudes need is a West Coast correspondent or some some shit to put a filter on whats rad about SoCal.

    Kinda like what Supreme did with Cherry

    It aint all black and white but its my biggest concern with why more people need to get street skating done in (Yes LA specifically) off Hollywood BLVD and DTLA

    NYC lucks out with default backdrops that bleed busy grit + grime with public transportation options so common.

    If Bobby Puleo didnt do it Bronze wouldnt exist.

    I’m out on a limb to say Dill did NYC best in Photosynthesis tho.

    But back to my point.

    Kids in LA should all pile into Sebo Walkers mini-van and split the gas to get out of Stoner and skate the city daily instead of fraternizing fucking flip ins and flip outs on slippery ass cement.

    Get to know the city and take the camera out to get clips as the sun starts to set and in through the night… its not Modus Operandi anymore LED’s are cheap.

    Road trips are rad and you can pretty much get that vibe every day in LA spot to spot.

    Your bros just gotta commit to session and cant dip.

    Plus home camp in a van kills a backpack… cell phone charging for days!

    Fuck public transportation anyway.

    Its all look and feel fools… thats what we want.

    East vs West was done away with long ago.

  3. Shout out to this guy who said Dill “did NYC best” Rob Gonyon got multiple parts better than that Photo part.

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