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ipod white

“Once upon a time I used to grind all night, with that residue that was iPod white.” Happy belated Thug Motivation 101 Day to everyone. Let’s get it.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved with this: Skateboarding at the Santa Monica Courthouse is now legal. A colossal step forward with how skateboarding is treated in America altogether. Small Banks restoration next? :)

Despite having literally no interest in the Life Extension video whatsoever, the running commentary at SMLTalk piqued the Quartersnacks Office’s interest. (Susan Sarandon is still sorta hot for 60+ btw.) And good thing it did. Pat Pasquale AKA Sinner’s part is INCREDIBLE. We’re talking Josh Kasper in The Storm meets Guy in Mouse meets 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Total Recall. It’s amazing.

Well that was quick: new Supreme mini video with all the “cherry” kids on the way. Sean Pablo also discusses it briefly in his new Vice interview.

The Skate Jawn four-year anniversary clip is a good time.

Speaking of good times, we have a frontrunner for 2014’s “feel good” part of the year. Cult favorite of apparently Kenny Anderson and anyone who grew up on Baker videos, Scott Kane stepped away from handrails and filmed a really fun comeback part.

Four-minute slideshow of the Palace crew in L.A. over on the TWS site.

Bill Strobeck posted up some Jake Johnson alternate angles / regular motion versions of tricks from the Mind Field days on his Instagram.

Now that the Beef Patty dudes are attending venues with bottle service, Video Blogs have occasionally morphed into HD “Instagram Direct” videos. Here’s the latest.

Boil the Ocean sorta talks about remaining pockets of shock value in skating.

Frontside 5050 back 180 out the ledge over ten at Grant’s Tomb and other good stuff in this dude John Shanahan’s part. That cellar door bank between the Citibike racks by EJ’s house is also way sketchier than footage could ever do it justice.

New clip from the Juicy Elbows crew. (#Trendwatch: “Sexual Healing” covers.)

Grinding curbs is not that extreme compared to rails.”

Quote of the Week: “If you fuck up on building a skatepark, you suck for life. I don’t care if you win a Golden Globe afterwards.” — Francesco, C.E.O. of Quartersnacks’ Scandinavian Branch

From the trunk of the rental to the Greyhound bus


  1. That Pat Pasquale part is sick but you guys should do a remix so I don’t have to hear that harsh ass dubstep song ever again

  2. Thanks. Watched almost that whole Sinner part before I realized it was a cruel joke. What a fuckin clown. I was a little increilous, especially with that Josh Kasper reference

  3. I saw Sinner’s part before the Monday post. I wasnt sure if you were serious with your praise. Those comments were hillarious. “Sinner’s mom drives him to raves”. As the old timer around here, sometimes I cant tell what is cool anymore. And dubstep is not real. It is techno. Maybe house, drum and base, but it is not a new type of music. Fucking kids using bath salts and amayl nitrate. Jesus Christ.

  4. Sorry for not getting it Roc. You are too advanced for me to comprehend. Fickle self-important bastard.

  5. watched on mute looked lotsa fun despite lookin like a suburb high schooler which he might be whatever however stopped on the front heel over that fence at like 3.55 to comment that shit was damn tite hooligan

  6. Take that as a compliment Dumps. I get now that trusties have always made our culture and that authenticity is just branding after all.

  7. Not really. But if you really feel that way go cry about it or go do something about it

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