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ipod white

“Once upon a time I used to grind all night, with that residue that was iPod white.” Happy belated Thug Motivation 101 Day to everyone. Let’s get it.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved with this: Skateboarding at the Santa Monica Courthouse is now legal. A colossal step forward with how skateboarding is treated in America altogether. Small Banks restoration next? :)

Despite having literally no interest in the Life Extension video whatsoever, the running commentary at SMLTalk piqued the Quartersnacks Office’s interest. (Susan Sarandon is still sorta hot for 60+ btw.) And good thing it did. Pat Pasquale AKA Sinner’s part is INCREDIBLE. We’re talking Josh Kasper in The Storm meets Guy in Mouse meets 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Total Recall. It’s amazing.

Well that was quick: new Supreme mini video with all the “cherry” kids on the way. Sean Pablo also discusses it briefly in his new Vice interview.

The Skate Jawn four-year anniversary clip is a good time.

Speaking of good times, we have a frontrunner for 2014’s “feel good” part of the year. Cult favorite of apparently Kenny Anderson and anyone who grew up on Baker videos, Scott Kane stepped away from handrails and filmed a really fun comeback part.

Four-minute slideshow of the Palace crew in L.A. over on the TWS site.

Bill Strobeck posted up some Jake Johnson alternate angles / regular motion versions of tricks from the Mind Field days on his Instagram.

Now that the Beef Patty dudes are attending venues with bottle service, Video Blogs have occasionally morphed into HD “Instagram Direct” videos. Here’s the latest.

Boil the Ocean sorta talks about remaining pockets of shock value in skating.

Frontside 5050 back 180 out the ledge over ten at Grant’s Tomb and other good stuff in this dude John Shanahan’s part. That cellar door bank between the Citibike racks by EJ’s house is also way sketchier than footage could ever do it justice.

New clip from the Juicy Elbows crew. (#Trendwatch: “Sexual Healing” covers.)

Grinding curbs is not that extreme compared to rails.”

Quote of the Week: “If you fuck up on building a skatepark, you suck for life. I don’t care if you win a Golden Globe afterwards.” — Francesco, C.E.O. of Quartersnacks’ Scandinavian Branch

From the trunk of the rental to the Greyhound bus

Respect the Sand Gaps

sand gaps

Following up their Santa Monica Courthouse stage compilation — a superhuman skate spot if there ever was one — Muckmouth put together a historic rundown of Santa Monica’s other iconic spot, one that’s skateable by normal humans. We’ve waxed about the respect we have for the Sand Gaps before, namely because it might have been the biggest departure from typical eastern conceptions of a southern California skate spot (perfect asphalt ground, low ledges coated in wax and picnic tables for midgets.) Sand Gaps was two holes in the ground. It could’ve been anywhere, but it was in a place that we perceived as having the best spots on earth.

Given the existence of this video, is a hole in the ground in Santa Monica the most mundane object we, as skate nerds, have a qualified list of tricks done over? Like, knowing what has gone down the nearby triple set, or a Carlsbad or Love Gap is perfectly reasonable, but being able to name the things done over a square cut out of the ground is something you shouldn’t readily admit to non-skater friends.

And also, whereas Huf and many others skated the two gaps consecutively, always thought Chris Franzen’s line where he circumvents the gaps entirely, opting for the two consecutive pillars instead, was the one of the pinnacles of Sand Gaps’ history.

Forgotten Skate Videos: L.A. County (2000)

During last month’s trip to Los Angeles, the few moments not spent arguing with cab drivers were used to debate topics relevant to any 60% beer / 40% skateboarding getaway. A discussion of forgotten L.A. skate videos came up (hence the LaLa Land inclusion in our Out of Office reply), causing us to remember Listen, Land Pirates, A New Horizon and L.A. County, the best of the bunch.

L.A. County was released during a transition from the classic white tee and chino schoolyard videos (see: World, Girl) to Phase One of the “everyone is good” era that began in issues of Logic, and peaked with In Bloom and Street Cinema. This shift would have been a lot smoother if The Storm never came out, and dudes didn’t spend three years thinking they had to nollie heelflip out of everything.

To the distant observer, the L.A. in this video had an actual *street* skating scene. USC was still around, they skated random shit on sidewalks (something that has been regaining popularity in recent history), and got enough time at the D.W.P. benches to make it look like a plaza spot — not a “let’s hope we get more than two minutes to skate here” Hail Mary mission. With blockbuster skate videos still around the corner, southern California-based projects had yet to resemble six-month highlight reels from the same five handrail spots.

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Why’d you bring a surfboard to Lockwood?

After celebrating our seventh anniversary this past Wednesday, we present you with an unprecedented development in Quartersnacks’ history — a five-minute clip entirely set in Los Angeles, California. We don’t plan on launching an indoor T.F. that causes us to become afraid of the sun, joining any cults, or living off a diet of alfalfa sprouts and plates of mashed yeast anytime soon, but who knows. Below is the entire #stupidbitch2012 tour in video form. Here’s the photo post in case you missed it. Thanks to Joe Cups and Josh Velez for for their filming contributions.

Features Mike Gigliotti with his last appearance in a QS clip as a civilian, Aiden, Lui Elliot, a lot of dancing idiots, Charles Lamb, Tino Razo, some shitty cab drivers, Josh Velez, Baker landings, Javier Nunez, Andrew Brophy, and some more bad cab drivers. (L.A. has an epidemic of insanely awful cab drivers — we were staying on California Avenue and one of the cab drivers asked how to spell “California” while he was typing it into his GPS.) Have a good weekend.

Alternate YouTube Link: Intelligentsia looks like a meth lab

Jerry, it’s L.A! Nobody leaves!

The Stupid Bitch Class of 2012

The QS Stupid Bitch 2012 Tour has concluded. Contrary to Cosmo Kramer’s belief that nobody leaves Los Angeles, we made it back. Thanks to Joe Cups, Lil’ Lui, Gigliotti the Great A.K.A. Gigliotti the Wrangler Jeans Catalog model, Scuba Steve and everyone at Nike, and everyone else for chauffeuring us around all week and letting us crash. If you want to blow your six-month New York City cab budget in one week, go to Los Angeles.

Remember how before Tumblr and Instagram (when The Green Diamond got updated all the time), everybody had a crummy little Blogspot page where they would post columns of photos relevant to maybe ten people that they know? Well, this post is a homage to that. The QS trip in Blogspot circa 2007 form. Video from the trip up soon. Now it’s time to figure out how to stop saying “yolo,” “hella” and “fool.”

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