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Quartersnacks West: Now with 500% more #YOLO

In L.A. for the week eating tacos, sitting in cars, and looking for a “YOLO” shirt to film a “TEAM YOLO” clip to “The Motto.” Fun fact about L.A: There is no such thing as a place where you simply go “to skate flat.” It’s shit. Be back next week. If you need something that’s hella chill east coast yolo vibez, The Chrome Ball has an all-Flushing photo post.

If you’re into skate events and stuff, NY Skateboarding has a breakdown of things going on this weekend. There’s a premiere for Galen’s favorite skate company’s new video tonight, Black Dave opens up for Juicy J tomorrow (he’ll be opening up for Drake by September on his one year of rapping anniversary), and there’s a Converse best trick contest at the Chelsea park on Friday.

And since this is temporarily a California-based New York site, please remember that the 1998 Neighborhood video, LaLa Land is on the internet. Notable because the soundtrack is 95% No Limit-based, Cops concepts, and Daniel Lebron’s part showcases every single skate shoe from the late-90s in less than three minutes (not to mention a picnic table line in Air Force Ones.)

Da Drought Is Over

Does anyone who works for Patrón happen to go on this site? Would you guys be interested in purchasing an ad? We have some great product placement opportunities as well. The Wavy Baby with a switch back Patrón slide. Photo by Pryce Holmes.

The New York Knicks won a playoff game. It only took eleven years.

Chris Nieratko did a great interview with Erik Ellington for Sneeze Mag about [no longer doing] drugs, alcohol, health food, living in Alaska, cooking with olive oil, stretching, etc. “I talk to people that are younger than me that don’t skate and they’re really old. They’re physically worn out, they’re mentally worn out and I think the people that we surround ourselves with in skateboarding allows us to stay young.”

“The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to seek a speed limit for skateboarders and penalize them for failing to follow a range of traffic rules…” The photos indicate that this is mostly due to l*ngb**rders, but L.A. suucckks.

If you’re having a fit while your girlfriend films you try a 360 flip off the Mambo Bar ledge 50 times, keep in mind that it might wind up on YouTube.

Jonathan Mehring with some photos of a Sunday session at New York’s most famous metal curb on the Skateboarder site.

Black Dave “Life in the City — Part 1.” The bucket hat on Obama is a good look.

Back when there were actually skate spots in Hoboken, we used to wonder if someone would ever drop-in on the Pier A gazebo. A guy did it on a bike, so a Natural Koncept rider doing it isn’t far away. Weezy has five racks on it. (The real question: How did he get a bike up there?)

Some idiot who writes for the Post suggested that Jay-Z rename the Brooklyn Nets, “The New York N—-s.” People obviously got upset about how, you know, that’s racist, and insanely stupid to print in a major newspaper, but nobody pointed out that he stole the idea from a 15-year-old Chris Rock routine.

2 Chainz with some motivational words about fulfilling your goals. #ThugMotivation.

Quote of the Week: “I’ll kick your ass…first try.” — Drunk Skateboarder Getting Into a Fight

Thanks to everyone who linked and re-posted the new Lurkers video.

A Sad Day For Southern California

The Santa Monica Sand Gaps were one of the few Los Angeles area institutions shitty enough to be embraced by the east coast. Despite the beachside setting (and perfect ground), the Sand Gaps garnered worldwide recognition based off a few holes in the floor, a not-so-great rounded-off ledge and zillions of small specks that would eat their way into your bearings. The Sand Gaps made those jealous of Los Angeles’ 70-degree winters and schoolyard pavement respect its existence. It is Los Angeles’ version of a famous skate spot that should have never been a famous skate spot, i.e. Astor, Tompkins, etc. It was also the subject of many jokes said at Gigliotti’s expense (the only Los Angeles native to ever be on QS payroll) throughout his time living in New York (“Where are you guys going skating today?” “Just meet us at Sand Gaps.”) Let us not forget it was a favorite among visiting New Yorkers.

The gaps are now filled in with trees. Though the ledge remains, the spot is still called “Sand Gaps.” So, much like the big banks remaining after the city ruined the small ones and took out the ledge section, the soul of the spot is unfortunately no more. We send our sympathies to Joey Brezinski, Robbie McKinley, Chris Roberts, and of course, Giglotti the Great.

Sand Gaps, if you were from New York, we would have loved you so much more than we already did. Give a good home to those trees.

Party Heart

There’s one bodega in the world with a QS board hanging in it, and it belongs to Wavy Mike. Much respect. Photo by TeamWorks NYC.

Boil The Ocean rightfully pointed out the insanity of the major skateboard-related headlines from the first week of the year — “Andy Roy Attempts To ‘Choke Out’ DMX Live Onstage” (even though it obviously wasn’t a choke out), “Jereme Rogers Arrested Following Nude, PCP-Fueled Hotel Rampage,” and “Brian Wenning Quits Selfish Skateboards Via Jereme Rogers Diss Track” (featuring a rapper with the same name as the Green Diamond video.) Looks like it’ll be a good year.

Who’s the genius responsible for this abomination of concrete work? Way to ruin one of the best ledges at the spot. Lurker Lou recomended the offender serve Jerry Duty: “The act of riding with Mraz, and looking out while he creates masterpieces.”

A lot more people would be filming New York subway clips if our subway stations looked anything like Sweden’s. Those high Scandinavian taxes really seem to go a long way.

It’s always fun to watch someone skate Los Angeles like it’s an east coast city.

An interview with Bill Pierce that discusses the “Busenitz of British music,” among other things. Also, Stripes is a great movie (and on Netflix Instant.) It’s kinda what we all imagined Miles’ military career to be like.

If you want a high-quality .mov version of Missing Persons, which was definitely one the better NYC-based web videos from 2011, you can download it here.

Rob Campbell has an ad in the new issue of Transworld.

Spot Updates: 1) The black marble spot from last week’s post is already knobbed, which isn’t the least bit surprising. The entire time we were eyeing it, we assumed they’d knob it before even taking down the construction blockades. 2) Whenever the Museum of Natural History’s front plaza opens back up (it has been blocked off for restoration since summer 2010), it’s going to have some decent (by New York standards) handrails in front.

Quote of the Week: “There are two guys in front of Tompkins with a sign that says ‘Free Advice.’ Brengar should sit down next to them with a sign that says ‘More Free Advice.'” — Bill Strobeck

Ball Forever > Rich Forever. “Party Heart” is a jam though. After all, it does say “featuring 2 Chainz” on it. Someone in the YouTube comments said “All this needed was OutKast” and they are 900% correct.

Sixth Anniversary Links

Photo by Gigliotti the Great

Quartersnacks turns six today. Thanks to everyone for their support, visits, spreading the word, following us on Twitter, adding us on Facebook, or whatever else. It means a lot, thank you. Here are our first four clips from the fall of 2005: September / premiere clip, October, November (Juelz Santana was a really big deal in 2005), December / Christmas.

The Chrome Ball Incident posted up scans of a Skateboarder article by Mike O’Meally about 9/11, in addition to a few other relevant things.

Here’s a cool skate / music video by Jay Maldonado from what looks like the mid-2000s. Features plenty of trademark New York antics. Spotted Via Hella-Trill.

Digi-Cam Clips: Late pass on the latest installment of Diamond Days, and the homies from Vancouver shredding to some modern day loverman ballads (The-Dream > The Weeknd.)

Dylan Rieder discovers another really high thing to skate at the Seaport. Hopefully, this new shoe coincides with a new video part.

Last week, there was a bit of confusion about how to skate a new bump in Fort Greene that sprouted about after Hurricane Irene. This photo of Piro Sierra and the subsequent words should explain everything perfectly. The people whose house it’s in front of probably had a fun week yelling at skateboarders.

How exactly is Los Angeles the best city for skateboarding? Historically, weather and industry-wise, yes, obviously. New York doesn’t belong in the top three either (we’re willing to trade ten of our spots for an unknobbed version of that Chinatown Ledge though), but it seems like everyone who comes back from L.A. in 2011 says they only skated Stoner Park during their visit.

Lows are beginning to hit the fifties this week, which means fall is officially here. Buy some hoodies.

Projections on a $30,000+ pricetag for the Alex Olson x Dylan Rieder Charity Shirt were way off, because it only sold for $41. That’s enough for maybe five beers.

Quote of the Week: Alex Olson Fashion Week Tweets

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