Rich Mahogany Now Available For Online Purchase

June 24th, 2009 | 8:19 pm | Daily News | 4 Comments


The video that Brengar famously declared as having “taken longer to make than The Passion of the Christ” is available for purchase online in addition to Autumn, Supreme and KCDC. The video features Yaje Popson, Dan Forkin, Brett Land, Pryce Holmes, Bradley Shepherd, Torey Goodall, Luke Malaney, Keith Denley, Brett Nelson, Billy Rohan, Taji Ameen, Lurker Lou, and The Terminator.

View the trailer here to convince yourself of a purchase

The video costs ten american dollars

**Quartersnacks is not processing these orders so if you have any questions, e-mail

A Formal Inquiry Into a Certain Floridian’s Ability to Sustain Immense Physical Hardships on a Skateboard

June 12th, 2009 | 4:34 am | Features & Interviews | 11 Comments


It is is 4:17 a.m. and I just recently finished watching the Green Diamond video for the first time (skate shop screenings not counting), and I feel a certain inquiry must be made…

Does anyone know how Kyle Iles takes falls like he does when he is over the age of fourteen? It seems to me that any other individual that has lived an excess of fourteen years would be either hospitalized or spontaneously combust in the event of such falls as presented in this video document being sold now at Autumn, KCDC and Supreme for $10 USD. Does he take vitamins? Eat right? Get a lot of sleep? Acupuncture classes? Drugs? Seriously, what is it? I do not think it is possible for someone in that above-fourteen age bracket to sustain such mishaps without the assistance of some sort of external agent.

Perhaps Kyle smokes PCP. Like the famous scene in The Terminator (the 1984 version, not that piece of shit that they released in theaters a few weeks ago), when a police officer alludes to the possibility of Arnold’s character being on such a substance after punching through a car window and walking away unscathed, it appears quite possible that a similar dynamic is at work here. Skateboarding for fun is one thing. But it seems that valiant efforts at filming really good tricks, like this part seems to be doing, much too commonly fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes), since the target audience for skate videos nowadays has slowly become closet homosexual skateboarders (who only pretend to actually do things on their boards) interested in scrutinizing every possible nuance of someone’s outfit instead of actually appreciating the death-defying feats that the said individual poured his heart and sanity into, rendering efforts at good skateboarding and the target audience a rather mismatched pair. Yet, there is always the possibility that Kyle enjoys falling, or that he is some sort of robotic machine sent from the future. Or it could be an illegal substance helping him live through the trials an tribulations of filming a beyond excellent video part, namely in the realm of a black-dust narcotic substance. Or vitamins. Or the almighty Creator might just have a particular preference for Kyle’s brand of skateboarding and he frequently engages in dialogue with the Lord before and after sessions.

So, to return to my initial point… is there any diet restructuring or yoga classes that everyone else can take to enable sustaining such immense physical hardships when trying tricks on skateboards? Usually, when I fall, my life flashes before my eyes, after which I go home and go to sleep. Is there any way to avoid this?

Late pass for a good video, and the worst video ever.

May 13th, 2009 | 12:34 am | Daily News | 14 Comments


If you missed the premiere of Rich Mahogany, they are hosting another one, ON MANHATTAN ISLAND (yes, as in, NOT BROOKLYN), on May 18th at 8PM at Epstien’s on Allen Street and Stanton. Like typical premieres at Epstien’s, expect an overcrowded sidewalk, a bar full of underage kids, and actually only being able to see 25% of the video and 75% of the back of some guy’s beanie standing in front of you. Inside information is saying that DVD copies of the video will be available in two weeks, but you know how that goes.

And as for the worst video ever, which coincidentally was Eightball Paul’s thesis “film” for SVA and a culmination of money well spent on an elaborate 23rd Street art school education, that is also re-premiering at Epstien’s on the same day. And when I say worst video ever, bear in mind Lemony Snickets (known to outsiders as the Altamont mascot) has about fifty percent of the video’s screentime, rendering it borderline unwatchable and a significant risk on anybody’s blood pressure. I would imagine the re-premiere has something to do with the fact that the “filmmaker” of the actual “film” missed his own original premiere since his night before included this and the theft and subsequent breakage of a bunch of glasses from Dallas BBQ. So you should attend solely on the basis of allowing Paul to redeem himself, even if the video itself is the most infuriating thing of all time thanks to the soon-to-be-Lil’-Wayne-after-years-of-drugs-look-a-like depicted in the top right portion of the photograph.

Flyer and additional information here.

If Brengar has internet access in Miami, this post will inevitably gather the highest amount of hate comments in Quarter Snacks history

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If you have been following the two years of coming soon’s that have accompanied any mention of The Green Diamond video, I am sure you probably suspect that this video does not actually exist. It’s just an urban legend, like the third Dr. Dre album or a bust-free Manhattan ledge spot. However, there are several flyers circulating that state otherwise, and are promising a premiere in three weeks.

Features a Torey Goodall part.

There are two separate premieres, one for Yaje and another for the alcoholics. Both involve going to Brooklyn. Both are on Saturday, April 18, 2009. Flyer here.

The Yaje Premiere
8 P.M. @ the Autumn Bowl. 73 West Street, between Milton and Noble Streets in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The Alcoholic Premiere
Midnight @ Enid’s. 560 Manhattan Avenue, in Brooklyn.
*requires neccesary government papers proving eligibility of consuming alcohol

Brengar has promised to review the video when it premieres. But the chances of him gathering necessary financial means and/or the motivation to make it 1000 miles north on I-95 in the next three weeks are rather slim.

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Links and Stuff

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New Teaser For the Green Diamond Video

John Roman updated his website with new photos of nice pretty girls.

I’m sure everyone saw this coming for a long time, but you know that skate videos are really beginning to take a new (internet-ized) form when 411 is just about done.

Funny Ironic Mash-Up #58579490685

This dog is the next Mike Mo.

Regarding the Converses that were on here a while back… the overall shoe came out alright if you don’t mind having a bit extraneous weight (relative to an average skate shoe) on your foot, or if your foot isn’t extremely narrow. The thick sole probably accounts for the majority of the heaviness, and is kind of a bulkier take on the smushy Nike E-Cue shoe that they used to produce The toe cap never really rips, instead, the suede strip that holds the laces in tact tends to take most of the tearing, depending on how far in you set up your foot for kickflips. The sole itself lasts pretty long too, but may take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to more typical vulcanized shoes, or something with a thin sole like a Dunk. I’m not sure how they’re going to shape up relative to to the more popular generic shoe companies having their take at skate shoes, but with some minor tweaks they can shape up to be a pretty good shoe for wide-footed people.

…call that bitch my bodyguard. Call that bitch your bodyguard? Yeah that’s my bodyguard!

Throw Yourself Over the Banks Rail for Money

Don’t forget that a major work of art is premiering this Friday.

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