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Tino Razo — Hurricane at the Bronx bank-to-ledge, via Jonathan Mehring‘s “Making of ‘cherry’” feature that appeared on the Thrasher site, and then got taken down an hour later for mysterious reasons. Mountain Dew lifted a bunch of the photos and reposted them on their site with some shots that don’t even belong there, and no credit back to Mehring. Normally wouldn’t link something like that blatantly slapdashed together, but it’s all Thrasher’s fault in the end.

Gonna stop claiming #surfboard Vines are over. They just keep getting better.

Chris Nieratko interviews Bobby Worrest about his all-Pulaski part. (Contrary to what Nieratko’s intro says, though obviously not speaking from experience on this side or anything…isn’t the story that Pulaski was relatively low-bust back when things like this were getting filmed? Also, what is the DC montage that was edited to Eric B. & Rakim “Relax With Pep?” It’s the DC section from Eastern Exposure 2.)

In honor of the aforementioned all-Pulaski part, Kingpin put together a #listicle of ten great mostly one-spot parts. Lucas Puig’s line in the new Adidas clip makes one wonder when the first all-Republique part is gonna be…(P.S. Adidas, you don’t need to send out four press release e-mails a week. Thx.)

Another quick clip to get you more hyped for Zered’s upcoming Transworld part.

New mini video from the Sex Hippies crew in western Massachusetts and the Albany area. The title is #NSFW but the content is quite #SFW.

“It’s getting harder to come up with new ways to fix something that isn’t broken, but they managed to do it.” Really? Is there even any reason for anything besides Independent, Thunder and Venture to exist?

Lurker Lou x Young Jeezy Faux One One “One Year Later” remix.

The homie Uncle Steve put together a New York Super-8 clip for Krooked with Brad Cromer and Mark Gonzales, a la A Love Supreme but in 2014 though…

A new, moody promo from Grace Skate Co. out in Long Island.

The new Skateboard Mag cover is an instant classic New York photo.

“Can we get a Supreme video review?”
When Dill is talking to Gonz his abs look so sick.”

Remember to vote in the 2nd round of the #Nineties Skater Power Ranking Bracket.

Gunplay runs an escort service.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Another Steph Curry circus shot. Any Warriors match-up in the first round is going to be must-see TV. Actually, pretty much any western conference match-up in the first round is going to be must-see TV, provided you can deal with watching Houston shoot 1,000 free throws. They should cancel the eastern conference playoffs and make Pacers-Heat first to twelve wins.

Quote of the Week: “I’m sick of rich girls. I’m into poor girls.” — Ben Bartle

R.I.P. to the Hat. R.I.P. to any sight of spring. It’s snowing tomorrow. R.I.P. QS.


  1. Venture sucks ever since they changed the truck completely without telling anyone.
    ACE on the other hand, is really really good. The only one of the newer brands worth mentioning.

  2. anyone know where to find that slow motion clip of the bike cop getting beat down at pulaski? i feel like its come up in a few interviews, but i’ve never been able to find it.

  3. @ truckjewels ACE were supposed to be the new model of Indy’s when they came out, but indy thought they looked too dainty so they broke off and started their own brand

  4. anyone notice Gonz’s extremely casual back tail on the soggy hot dog ledge (popeye’s ledge)


  5. Speaking from experience there were some fairly lengthy periods during the 90’s when Pulaski was not a bust, but that got screwed up for good by people getting a little too comfortable and acting stupid.

  6. 1. tino razo rules
    2. ace truck is actually the old indy stage 4 truck geo *(my understanding)
    3. nieratko is to skateboarding as skip bayless is to sports reporting (someone with great knowledge and understanding of a subject without actually ever participating in it…basically piss pedaling his way through it)*see richard sherman vs bayless for a more sport angle answer… also see rob brink for actual NJ skater written interviews.
    4. green label is a fucking joke…again anything for a check.
    5. zered is an absolutely amazing WELL ROUNDED SKATEBOARDER.*RARE.
    6. *opinions are like assholes everyone has one and they are usually full of shit
    *i’m not excluded from that.

  7. Please remix “Cherry” so it’s not unwatchable.

    Fucking Strobeck ain’t no Kubrick of skateboarding.

  8. Thought “Cherry” was fucking sick. Editing was awesome and different, skateboarder’s just something that’s different too much and too often.

    Might have to agree with QS on that DC comment, but really all i know is that i skate freedom often and its definitely a bust now. People need to start making more trips to DC though! Don’t make it “the forgotten city” once again!

  9. Basically just after this period Pulaski became a massive bust, but it was mostly chill and drama free for a long time before

  10. I think if you asked people skating places like Pulaski, Love, and even EMB in SF and Art Institute in Chicago, you would find that during the 90’s, places started becoming heavier busts as police departments started to heavily embrace ‘broken window’ theory, even though that was coined a decade earlier. The idea was, target smaller ‘crimes’, and you’ll find the big fish.

    This happened over the course of a few years, but there was certainly a common thread as economies/political situations changed throughout the US.

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