Rest in Peace Pichilin. Photo stolen from Sue Kwon’s book, Street Level. 1994.

“cherry” is now available on iTunes in the best quality there is.

The Tumblr community rounded up .GIFs of all the Courthouse Drop tricks from “cherry,” though they should be watched with “I Don’t Know Dem” playing in the background. No “I got them looks” .GIF either…

Dime tracks the mise-en-scéne similarities between Gershon Mosley’s underappreciated skateboard career and “cherry.” Or something.

Tino Razo low-key had some of the coolest tricks in “cherry,” so here is his and Matt Terwilliger’s part from the original Lurkers video (2002).

Mudo Zine interviewed Aaron Herrington, who just turned pro for Polar.

Outside of Pepe Martinez’s switch heelflip frontside noseslide and Kyle James’ entire oeuvre, is switch nose manual fakie 360 flip out the best trick ever done in Timbs?

Some outtakes from the Beef Patty crew’s Puerto Rico montage, and some other outtakes of them skating around the city. More front of Union footage!

OMG, a “Winter Trip to New York” clip?!?! Is dudes reviewing their Tinder matches going to become a standard “lifestyle footage” inclusion for 2014 skate clips?

New Jenkins Log clip featuring Zered, Eli, Jordan Trahan, etc.

A teaser for See Ya Around, the new video by Waylon Bone, a teaser for OD Wavy, the new video from The Man Who Films, and the full version of Corrupted Communications 2, the new video from Grace Skate Co.

The Heights park looks like it’s finished and already covered in horrible graffiti.

A topic relevant to the interests of this website: The best rap songs of 2004, compiled ten years late, as the internet was not nearly as listicle-ified a decade ago. No debate about the #1. Tip seems more concerned with reality TV these days, but at least he can lay claim to recording not not the best rap song of the past ten years.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Even though he had already been in the league for a minute, ever since the 2011 playoffs when Chris Paul singlehandedly beat the Lakers twice, he’s held a special place in my heart. Out of all the dream players that idiot Knicks fans think they’re on the verge of signing, he’s the only one that really hurts. Anyway, yeah, him v.s. the Rockets on Saturday.

Quote of the Week:

torey maroon 5

The Palace L.A. trip looks like it is going well…

The Green Diamond went from a once-relevant institution to a non-existent one. R.I.P.


  1. who cares about supreme? oh yeah kids who need some new hyped out cheap gear .
    WHo really cared for the supreme video ?
    THe way I fart has more art in it then that video tried to have .
    THe only cool thing in there was diaz .
    I mean the fashion those little kids are trying to be was cool when saturday night fever was in the theater.
    and i thought new york city was gritty , and isn’t that where supreme is from ??? what the fuck happened ??
    HOw can you hype up that quartersnacks ???
    WHeres the o.g . madness ? From Charles lamb to fucking scott johnson …all in one line . Bong bong . Like talking about tino is going to make it seem like a nyc video . Get ya head out ya ass.
    That nigga strokeback follows stars ever since pops couldnt pop anymore .

  2. WTF is this guy talking about? Who cares about fashion in skate video? This guy should go skate instead of going shopping.

    And Brendan Wilkie skating in Timbs is sick.

  3. seriously, every single skater cares about fashion, one way or another, skateboarding is about style and whats “looks good” wether thats your gear or how you catch your kickflips

    and before someone goes on about people like LTM (loose trucks max) who clearly don’t give a shit about their clothing. thats still a style in its own regard

    just cuz supreme is smart enough to make a bunch of clothes that weird fanboys sleep in the street for doesn’t really affect the fact that the skaters in their video kill it

  4. I liked the Supreme vid, the skating was sick, they flipped the format a bit by putting it together as one continuous film rather than giving people their own parts and it was fun. I preferred seeing Diaz, Dill etc to the kids but everyone ripped, except maybe Pops but he looked like he was having fun so whatever.

    Only thing I’d criticise Supreme for atm is the price of their products but that goes for pretty much everyone selling anything these days both in and out of skateboarding. More people have less money and everything is more expensive.

  5. durr supreme is dum becas their clothes r 2 expensiv. i hav never owned a shirt that isnt from walmart and i think their clothez r tha same thing. i refuse to pay any attention to manufacturing practises of clothing companies that dont make 2,000,000,000 of any of they’re produktz.

  6. Dunno if you’re responding to me or not but I haven’t seen anyone saying Supreme is “dumb” because it’s expensive, it’s just lame how expensive stuff keeps getting, most products go up in price with time and if you really believe that something is guaranteed quality because it’s expensive then you’re a fool.

  7. You guys got fat while everybody starved on the street. Now it stays supremes turn .
    When did this turn into the supreme site , and the alex olsen site ?

    Daniel kim got that washington dc flow better though.

    why didnt keenan make the brackets ?

  8. keenan wasn’t included cause FIC said he is not including “legends that are no longer with us”

    kinda wish puleo was still in it

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