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cyrus back smith

Cyrus Bennett — Back Smith at Battery Park, as seen in Looney Bin. Photo via Colin Sussingham, who’s been posting a lot of awesome photos on his Tumblr as of late. It has been online since Thursday night, but Looney Bin is really solid. Best LurkNYC video yet. Every Cyrus part gets better, the homie Adam Zhu has chill tricks, and that dude Jason Byoun’s part is great. If you’re still not at terms with Drake, you could probably find solace in the music there too.

Someone compiled a more official Jordan-inspired skate shoe rundown than our rinky dink Jordan at 50 post from February.

A #listicle of the ten most iconic New York City skaters.

The Theories of Atlantis site has DVDs of The Brodies for sale. It’s $25, but includes the past three Elkin vids, fancy packaging and a photo book. The video has gotten more replay than pretty much anything else from the past few months (A.K.A. anything else since Beef Patty and Solo Jazz.) Good to see not-neccesarily-pro New York skaters in their thirties still killing it. Also, Ishod is one of the best but Leo Gutman won S.O.T.Y. on QS.

The dudes behind Film Me and Goin’ Ham have a new video called Off the Braxx premiering online tomorrow. You can check the new teaser here.

Conor Fay’s part in Seasons Skateshop’s Capital Distruct video is chill.

Lurkers 3 coming soon.

More cool stuff out of Pittsburgh: Cody Baker’s part in While Yinz Were Sleeping and part two of the mini doc about Scumco and Sons.

Old war footage motifs (?) and some not-oft-seen spots in this New Jersey edit.

A bro cam edit with a topical title: “The Knicks Suck.”

The Hahafuntime crew relaunched their website.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city where Santacon doesn’t happen, you’re missing out on stuff like this and observations like this one.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Is there a more fun-to-watch team than the Warriors right now? What the hell was Jose Calderon doing when Steph Curry hit this?

Quote of the Week
Skate Nerd in his 30s:Ishod’s appeal doesn’t span to me.”
Skate Nerd in his 20s: “That’s because you don’t like any skaters under thirty.”
Skate Nerd in his 30s: “I like Lenny Rivas.”

Thanks to anyone who linked our Best of 2013 clip. Here’s a .GIF of the ender:

Cheer up, it’s supposed to be 50 degrees on Friday :)


  1. woohoo another jordan article! bout to go shoe shopping right now, fuck yeah! hey let’s start a whole dope conversation here, what are your guys fav jordans??!!

  2. That list is cool but I don’t like how it doesn’t respect dudes like Zered, Pops, and Quim who dedicated their whole careers to NYC, even when it fucked with coverage and sponsorship.

  3. @Dominic: What would Pappalardo say about himself? He wrote that list (if you read the by-line), of course he left himself off. That’d be maniacal.

  4. @devil sticks: there are two Anthony Pappalardos. I’m banking that the one that everyone loves to dickride isn’t the one that wrote that listicle

  5. Devils sticks I fell fee the same trap me self once. That’s why I said “pops.” Fee real though we need a new list: who reps NY the hardest? RB, Quim, Pops, Zered, Bici…and QS!

  6. Snack, could you maybe interview a new york local on their top 5 video parts? someone who isn’t necesarily pro, but maybe a TF legend of some note

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