Postseason Links

Who wins: Mariah Woodson’s selfies or Mike Woodson’s expressions / lack thereof?

Update: J.R. Smith won Sixth Man of the Year.

Supreme New York has QS tees back in stock. This includes the Monk’s, Noseslides and both colors of Snackman tees. 274 Lafayette Street. They will be available at Exit Skateshop in Philadelphia this week as well. Our webstore should be online sometime closer to the summer with other new product. If you want a shirt now, send an e-mail to quartersnacks [at] gmail [dot] com and we could arrange an order if your size is still available. Quantities are limited for now. (Sorry we cannot accommodate international special orders at this time. Yes, Canada = international.)

Taji goes skating in lower Manhattan with Ryan Hickey (and Peter Huynh.) File under: Things nobody expected to happen in 2013.

A glimpse into what life is like when you sort of look like Eric Koston.

No clue what the concept behind these Skateboarder “Cruising” videos is supposed to be (a hastag-ized “Day in the Life” series?), but the new Eli Reed one is solid.

In the realm of skatepark lines by skaters with seemingly unhuman consistency, this is quite impressive, but there can only be one king.

Billy McFeely skates Tompkins obstacles from 2013, but in 1991 though.

Just so everyone knows: “The government made this dude so everyone else would stop skating.” — Billy McFeely. (P.S. That link might get deleted.)

Yet another interview with Palace Skateboards mastermind, Lev Tanju. Also, if you haven’t signed the petition to preserve Southbank, do it now. Multi-generational street spots are few and far between these days, and it’d be a real shame to see such an iconic piece of skate history destroyed in favor favour of retail space.

Is “The Redneck Skater Hall of Fame” a “thing?”

Spot Updates: This resurfacing may fix a noted good ledge / bad ground scenario.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Got to be Andre Miller’s game-winning drive. The awful news about David Lee (not to mention Faried, Gallo, etc. injuries) really puts a damper on one of the Sports Desk’s most anticipated playoff match-ups.

Quote of the Week: “Y’all can’t use this railing to play your stunts.” — A Security Guard Referring to a Ledge

How do you feel about the current darkslide phase of Greco’s career arc? It’s pretty tight.


  1. where the fukkk can I see this Ryan Hickey piece? ESPN says the link doesnt exist. Please help an old fart asap. thanks

  2. Wow. Yeah, any search result for it says it was deleted. Good work, ESPN!

    Try Googling around for “UXA Inside the Line” and maybe something will come up.

  3. fukkk. nothing!!! Anyone got a link? If theres new Ryan Hickey footy I cannot rest until I peep it…

  4. Backing Greco because they’re weird techy darkslides with griptape on the bottom of the tail. There’s also some homage to Jeremy Klein in that part.

  5. As someone who usually hates on everything that isn’t lucas puig or busenitz, the deathwish video is fucking sick all around

  6. Jeremy Klein and Jeremy Elkin have the same exact letters in their names. Am I high?

  7. Ryan Hickey video worked for me. Just had to get through the Peter trying to talk about his streetwear shit and got to see a wallie! Rad to see him cruise around.

  8. was pretty sure i recently saw ryan hickey riding his bike, after that video i’m more sure it was him. it’s a treat to see this video with the wallrides thank you

  9. Hickey is the NYC archetype Samuel; it’s more like a Jeter type admiration I think

  10. When i see mike woodsons head all i can think of is biting into a chocolate egg with a caremel center.

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