Tape a Cheetah to Her Back


Day after Christmas, 1975. Spotted via Skate and Annoy.

As we begin to search for the next generation of baggy-clothed, tech Euro skaters of the Javier/Lebron/Jesus/Flo/Enrique mold, the Czech Republic might be a good place to start. These dudes are not nearly as tech as the aforementioned five, but they’re maaaadddd hip-hop. There’s no doubt that a country containing possibly the best ledge spot on earth is bound to produce an eventual heir to Europe’s technical throne.

If there’s one company on the “I wish they put out more content”-list, it’s Hopps. Joel Meinholz skates through Grand Central in their new commercial.

Even if you’re going to condense the history of skateboarding into 120 seconds, your video should still include Mariano’s Mouse ender. It’s at least as important as the 900.

Music video portraits of urban teen angst are real hot right now. E.J. offers a Super-8 glimpse of dunion life in his visual for Slicky Boy’s latest rapz.

Your favorite rapper’s favorite stripper’s favorite shoe brand gets down with skateboarding for a weird result. #redbottoms

Old(er) skaters spend money to get away from the kids and scooters.

Some history on Southbank, the legendary London skate spot. The article includes the word “salubrious,” which seems like a great Jackie Chiles word.

A 16-minute raw footage B-roll from the recently released Schleyer Video (the video with the latest T.J. part.)

Wikipedia is not without its flaws, but it’s nice to know at least one of its editors considers QS an authoritative source on low impact street skating.

Spot Updates: 1) Chase is still closed off, but the steps have been resurfaced back to normal. 2) They’re putting even more ledges at Seaport, except this time, they’re pre-knobbed! 3) The five-second-bust ledge / manny pad over five on Sixth Avenue near the Holland Tunnel has been remodeled. It’s cool to look at…

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Some middle schooler from New Rochelle hit an insane buzzer beater this past weekend. It’s the middle school equivalent of Sheed’s deflection to mid-court desperation heave from 2004.

Quote of the Week: “What’s that girl with the cool tramp stamp’s name again?” — Anonymous. (Be on the lookout for our first feature film, The Girl With the Cool Tramp Stamp, starring Rooney Mara.)

Go to college, kids! It’s totally worth it!


  1. skate history in 120 seconds- kinda cool concept, kinda well done, but what a poor representation of the 90’s. I’m starting to worry about the lack of appreciation amongst the contemporary skate world for this paradigmatic and seminal era in skateboarding’s history. With, of course, the notable exceptions of this site, Chromeball, Manalo, Frozen in Carbonite, etc. Please keep it up, your efforts are not in vain. Don’t go the way of police informer

  2. ‘The old white ref ducking in terror as the fans storm the court’

  3. skateboarding wouldn’t be where it now has an history, if it wasn’t for mike v 1990 barnyard double-kick tail. that clip’s halfway through and it barely reaches the 80’s. serious.
    my first board was a 77′ blue plastic variflex and that shit wasn’t skateboarding. catamaran anyone? gtfo. and I still check police informer. you can always hope.
    that ‘Dog’ is the shit and mike is the man, but it’s all koston here.
    #trendwatch2013 re-edits are better then their original counterparts.

  4. and if it wasn’t for Mike V’s 3 different documentaries he made about himself
    nobody one know about MIKE V

  5. hey snack, following on from your Southbank mention in this post you might be interested to know that southbank is being torn down to build more restaraunts. they plan to move us to pigeon shit banks (where olly todd does the kickflip nosemanny run in portraits). the space will be used for all ‘urban artists’. so its gunna turn into a youth culture skatepark/breakdance/graffiti mockery.
    show some support and add views and opinions here:


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