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Look at it this way — that day in March, or April, or August when it’s sixty degrees, YG’s album is released, and girls are outside wearing chill dresses will be glorious, like getting out of jail after being wrongfully sentenced. Until then, the skateboard internet has been generally slow, QS’ editorial department that specializes in #originalcontent has been backed up with half-completed ventures, and we are still distracted with finalizing details for spring merch.

You’ll probably need stuff to watch these next few days. These are a few things that were released during that Thursday-Sunday spurt of somewhat tolerable outdoor conditions. Only getting to them now, so apologies if they are from 1994 by internet standards. An addendum to Monday Links, if you will…


Depending on how long you’ve been perusing the skateboard internet, you may remember Post 22 in its heyday. It was a North Carolina website, which at the time, almost singlehandedly elevated the production values expected of a typical web clip. This was before YouTube, before full lengths were readily available online outside of #sk8videos on IRC; they were among the first to make Quicktime montages that looked like professional videos with unknown talent.

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New Daniel Lebron Flocka James Part!

daniel lebron

Photo by Marcel Veldman

Daniel Lebron Flocka James is still winning hearts and minds in 2013, while his namesake has spent the year trampling on them with frat boys.

You might remember that the only hesitation in chiseling a bonus fifth face into the Mount Rushmore of European Skateboarding was Lebron’s not-as-expansive videography when alongside a Jesus, Javier or J.B. Well, Nike SB released a three-minute Dani Lebron part today. It furthers the case for Europeans in their mid-to-late thirties’ ability to stay #relevant in a Hella Clip-ified society longer than many of their American counterparts. Also, let’s give a round of applause to real ledges and sunlight. Boxes in warehouses are cool n’ stuff (sort of), but if one is to go down the route of trying to successfully pull off a good-looking (!) back smith varial flip out, a stone ledge and some fresh air won’t hurt.

Not to end on a negative note — lord knows we get plenty of shit around here for music supervision decisions from people unaware the nineties ended (currently editing something to Drake btw #nothingwasthesame) — but what the hell is up with this song? Even the dudes who are still checking for new U-God CDs would probably rather cue up Migos over this.

Related: Lebron has some largely flat-oriented skating in this artsy clip.

Out of Office Reply

shawn-ej photo

Photo by Emilio Cuilan

Sorry, no Monday Links this week. If you haven’t gathered as much from Instagram, we are out of the country right now. Part of it is because we simply wanted to check out a country that would let Shawn Powers onto its soil, but perhaps more importantly, it is a trip dedicated to negotiating the reignited Quartersnacks-Green Diamond beef on neutral, foreign land. We’re in Germany for another day or so, then headed back to the U.K. Hopefully, a mediated negotiation in Zurich will not be required.

A few updates are still scheduled throughout this coming week, including a really good one for Friday. And to reiterate, all web store orders placed after July 25th will not be shipped until August 7th. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

And since the real reason we’re out here is to see the best skateboarder besides Mike Carroll get married to a great girl, check out his Canadian opus from the 2004 Baby Steps video. See everyone in a week. Later.

Check the part’s equally good B-roll here. R.I.P. Big Moe.

Daniel Lebron Flocka James — The QS Reel


Photo by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

In our most recent Euro appreciation post, some commenters admirably made the case for Daniel Lebron’s inclusion on the imaginary Mount Rushmore of low impact European skaters in their thirties, even suggesting a fifth slot be carved out to add him. The only real “knock” on Lebron when assessed alongside the Javier, Jesus, et al. is that he doesn’t have as deep of a videography as the others. Aside from the LaLa Land and L.A. County parts, which are both from the same time period, he has since appeared mostly in shared sections and montages.

As a consolation, here is a reel of Dani’s footage from a few Nike trips we were a part of in 2010 and 2011. All of it has appeared on the site before, but never in one dedicated video. The majority of it was filmed just messing around, which ended up yielding two of the more memorable bits of [typically disposable] T.F. footage in recent history. All of this dude’s tricks have a habit of looking absurdly solid without veering anywhere close to robot territory — a prime example of MACBA-honed flatground skills. He’s also one of skateboarding’s great heelflippers, and not in a way that overcompensates for a deficient kickflip or anything…

For more recent and less cruiser-oriented Lebron footage, check the 2011 Stacks mini video, Nike’s Taiwan trip video, or the only Berrics video we’ve ever run as a standalone post.

The Quietly Incredible Year For Euro Skaters Over 30

shape up

Aging pro skaters don’t owe anything to anyone (except maybe their sponsors), but that doesn’t stop us from constructing narratives for their decreases in visibility. Following Pretty Sweet, there was practically as much conversation about those who didn’t have enough footage and why, as there was about those who did.

Enter any message board post regarding Dill and AVE’s upcoming venture, and it’ll be dominated by speculation about how much they have in the tank. Skate nerds love being in the seventh round of a game of telephone, and using that hearsay to explain why so-and-so could only film a few 5050s and cool ollies for a part. We’re sensitive about our old favorites, mostly because we forget that skaters, like other humans, get burnt out and can’t do the same things in their thirties.

While assuaging the decline of the old guard through the skateboard-internet gossip machine, it has been easy for us, as world-revolves-around-us Americans, to forget about the Euros. Even with Lucas Puig’s American approval rating through the roof, we take for granted that there is an entire European class of older low impact legends still killing it — with little need for excuses or a fan-made script to their “soon-to-be exit.” But we also forget that Rodrigo TX is sorta the best skater alive because he’s not American, so we’re generally just assholes.

Below are the four guys who you could make the best case for as the European Mount Rushmore (oxy moron, obvs) of low impact skateboarding. They’re doing a hell of a lot better than some of the guys we’re on message boards making up stories for. American #nineties affiliations are mandatory for consideration and are most evident through the great L.A. County video.

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