Daniel Lebron Flocka James — The QS Reel


Photo by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

In our most recent Euro appreciation post, some commenters admirably made the case for Daniel Lebron’s inclusion on the imaginary Mount Rushmore of low impact European skaters in their thirties, even suggesting a fifth slot be carved out to add him. The only real “knock” on Lebron when assessed alongside the Javier, Jesus, et al. is that he doesn’t have as deep of a videography as the others. Aside from the LaLa Land and L.A. County parts, which are both from the same time period, he has since appeared mostly in shared sections and montages.

As a consolation, here is a reel of Dani’s footage from a few Nike trips we were a part of in 2010 and 2011. All of it has appeared on the site before, but never in one dedicated video. The majority of it was filmed just messing around, which ended up yielding two of the more memorable bits of [typically disposable] T.F. footage in recent history. All of this dude’s tricks have a habit of looking absurdly solid without veering anywhere close to robot territory — a prime example of MACBA-honed flatground skills. He’s also one of skateboarding’s great heelflippers, and not in a way that overcompensates for a deficient kickflip or anything…

For more recent and less cruiser-oriented Lebron footage, check the 2011 Stacks mini video, Nike’s Taiwan trip video, or the only Berrics video we’ve ever run as a standalone post.


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