Summer Friends


Dunno why there’s been so many B&W headline images lately ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Scan via Chromeball

#TBT that time Daniel Kim ruined the BBQ.

“You have to create all new levels of skateboarding that never existed before.”

Speaking of all new levels of skateboarding, Tiago was in town for Street League and these two clips of him skating Seaport and the L.E.S. Park got brought up in at least four conversations this weekend. #SOTY.

Put a formal Twitter inquiry regarding the inventor of the noseslide earlier this summer (the consensus was Gonz.) Mackenzie Eisenhour discusses it in this TWS piece regarding the origins of the noseblunt: “Even prior to the noseblunt, Mark is also credited with adapting the noseslide to ledges and handrails on the streets, after seeing photos of Neil Blender innovating nose stalls on ramps.”

Some more footage of Antonio Durao skating Harlem, presumably from the same day that he did the line that was #1 on the QS Top 10 last week :)

Given as how they’ve been dominating all forms of culture since Switch Mike started blasting So Far Gone in any and all of his BMWs and Herschel became the new Jansport, it should come as no surprise that the most enjoyable skateboard podcast also comes from Canada. Season two of the Bunt is now running, and starts off with cult hero, Spencer Hamilton. Expedition-1 talk, non-alcoholic beers, etc.

Lindsey Robertson and the Media Bias Against Heelflippers: A Case Study.

Tao did a rad remix of the Nike SB video with the CPH fam.

The early 2000s nostalgia continues. Is the Pace Ledge due for a comeback?!

Glad the news about the Berlin benches getting removed ended up being a false alarm. A replica of that should be mandatory for every U.S. city with over six skaters. My second favorite skate spot on this planet.

Kingpin interviewed Ian from Jenkem about the Jenkem book. Available here.

NY Skateboarding posted up part two of their interview with Keith Hufnagel. A good bit of Brooklyn Banks talk in there. Aaannnddd there’s a new Crail Cocuh with Huf and Carroll. Good bit of Embarcadero talk in that one.

Um, no. New Jersey is actually the best. John Cozz’s HYD part.

Quote of the Week: “It’s literally harder to get into a bar than it is to get married.” — Rob Harris

Enjoy that school year everyone ;)

The Heelflip is the New Varial Flip

kev heelflip

When you’re constantly reminded how underrated something is, it runs the risk of becoming overrated. These past several years, the dozen or so skate sites with words on them have used up (admittedly infinite) webspace to defend the varial flip, quantify the varial flip, revisit the varial flip, and draw up colorful analogies about the varial flip. It wasn’t cool for a long time and now it is — people get it by now.

Do you know what has spent a longer amount of time in uncool trick purgatory? Heelflips, especially on flatground. The heelflip’s history over the past twenty years is something like this: the one Mariano did on flat after ducking under the volleyball net, Kerel Roach, Lindsey Robertson, Lewis Marnell, Neen. Generally speaking, skateboarding allots space for a “heelflip pro” every five years.

Talk about a guy who kinda-sorta-maybe-at-one-point-skated and try and get a gauge of exactly how far into it he got…

“Oh damn, he used to skate? Could he like kickflip and shit?”
“Nah, he probably did a heelflip a few times though.”

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Daniel Lebron Flocka James — The QS Reel


Photo by Zach Malfa-Kowalski

In our most recent Euro appreciation post, some commenters admirably made the case for Daniel Lebron’s inclusion on the imaginary Mount Rushmore of low impact European skaters in their thirties, even suggesting a fifth slot be carved out to add him. The only real “knock” on Lebron when assessed alongside the Javier, Jesus, et al. is that he doesn’t have as deep of a videography as the others. Aside from the LaLa Land and L.A. County parts, which are both from the same time period, he has since appeared mostly in shared sections and montages.

As a consolation, here is a reel of Dani’s footage from a few Nike trips we were a part of in 2010 and 2011. All of it has appeared on the site before, but never in one dedicated video. The majority of it was filmed just messing around, which ended up yielding two of the more memorable bits of [typically disposable] T.F. footage in recent history. All of this dude’s tricks have a habit of looking absurdly solid without veering anywhere close to robot territory — a prime example of MACBA-honed flatground skills. He’s also one of skateboarding’s great heelflippers, and not in a way that overcompensates for a deficient kickflip or anything…

For more recent and less cruiser-oriented Lebron footage, check the 2011 Stacks mini video, Nike’s Taiwan trip video, or the only Berrics video we’ve ever run as a standalone post.