Quartersnacks Top 10 — August 26, 2016

August 26th, 2016 | 12:09 am | Daily News | 2 Comments

aug 26 top 10

We debated having an all Twisted Illusions top 10 this week, but that seemed a bit too ~far out~ of an idea for mainstream countdown viewers. Two of the prime highlights made it in, and narrowing it down to merely two was no easy task :( This week includes some heavy, long lines from a few young’ns, the least sensical wallie I’ve ever seen, and a confusing hurricane grind. Enjoy the second to last weekend of summer ;)

Original Clips:


10) Sebastiaan Vijverberg via Bombaklats [link] 9) @tettygram via IG [link] 8) Justin Drysen via Instagram [link] 7) Mitch from Philly via Twisted Illusions [link] 6) Ville Wester via Tredje Akten [link] 5) Black Dave via “NYBD” [link] 4) Brad Cromer via @hufcanada on Instagram [link] 3) Franco via Twisted Illusions [link] 2) Oskar Rosenberg via Tredje Akten [link] 1) Antonio Durao via Instagram [link]


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Comment by Gregory Caskie
  • Absolutely loving these Top 10’s. Respect.

    August 26, 2016 @ 6:20 pm
  • Comment by frequent visitor
  • we might need to see a flat ground nollie back heel compilation in order to confirm that antonio durao potentially sits atop the podium.

    August 29, 2016 @ 1:51 am
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