New Daniel Lebron Flocka James Part!

daniel lebron

Photo by Marcel Veldman

Daniel Lebron Flocka James is still winning hearts and minds in 2013, while his namesake has spent the year trampling on them with frat boys.

You might remember that the only hesitation in chiseling a bonus fifth face into the Mount Rushmore of European Skateboarding was Lebron’s not-as-expansive videography when alongside a Jesus, Javier or J.B. Well, Nike SB released a three-minute Dani Lebron part today. It furthers the case for Europeans in their mid-to-late thirties’ ability to stay #relevant in a Hella Clip-ified society longer than many of their American counterparts. Also, let’s give a round of applause to real ledges and sunlight. Boxes in warehouses are cool n’ stuff (sort of), but if one is to go down the route of trying to successfully pull off a good-looking (!) back smith varial flip out, a stone ledge and some fresh air won’t hurt.

Not to end on a negative note — lord knows we get plenty of shit around here for music supervision decisions from people unaware the nineties ended (currently editing something to Drake btw #nothingwasthesame) — but what the hell is up with this song? Even the dudes who are still checking for new U-God CDs would probably rather cue up Migos over this.

Related: Lebron has some largely flat-oriented skating in this artsy clip.


  1. The ninties are over, but Drake!?. Dude is kinda ok at singing and not horrible at rhyming, so therefore he is the greatest thing out there. You guys probably love Swiss Beatz, too. Things done changed, as my man from the 90s said.

  2. should start getting used to this type of music in videos now cause you know my man Olson is gonna be going ham with that shit

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