Autumn is Closed & People Are Taking Pictures on iPads — The Future Sucks: Best of 2012

best of 2012

Another year. Wowwwww. You know what doesn’t suck about the future? Future the rapper. Thanks for making 2012 great.

Let’s see, this year we said goodbye to Autumn, didn’t have a winter, lamented the Sand Gaps’ demise, got a letter from Kat Stacks, watched the Giants win the Super Bowl, saw a Chinese Harvard graduate become an NBA sensation, saw Lurker Lou ruin skateboarding, trendwatched, reported from the T.F., watched Girls, watched those bums at the Garden win their first post-season game in 11 years, conducted market research for the pizza industry, listened to Future…a lot, co-signed a skatepark, spent bands on griptape, went to China, called out Weezy Tunechi, watched 56k a lot, went to L.A., studied fashion, admired Badgalriri’s awesome garbage-ness, re-elected Obama, survived Sandy, attended the R. Kelly Single Ladies Tour, and went to London. You can fill in the blanks with the video below.

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Alternate YouTube Link. Have a good weekend everybody.

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  1. Congratulations to Quartersnacks for winning the 2013 “Jason Williams” award for having the highest percentage of self-hating white people associated with its website!

    Way to go guys!

  2. Sick Jason Williams reference.

    I would argue that there is a difference between reaaaaalllly liking rap music and not enjoying existence as a Caucasian. It’s just that “whiter” facets of day-to-day life are harder to incorporate into skate clips. Imagine if all the “lifestyle” footage of Caucasian inviduals in this clip involved us going to dinner, shopping at Patagonia, and going to group movie nights. It’d be pretty boring, no?

  3. @Snack Just breaking balls, more a reference to the #whitestylez, “white people suck”, “whitest things done on a skateboard” etc etc

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