Waka Flocka Wal-Mart Board

Slim Thug skates now (someone forward him this Nick Panza part) and Waka Flocka seems to have inked an endorsement deal with Wal-Mart skateboards, or at least borrowed the services of their art department. Any excuse to remind people about this song is fine.

For the first time in over a year, there is a box at Tompkins, thanks to the good people at Labor Skate Shop. It has two height levels and has been painted forrest green in hopes of diverting the Parks Department from tossing it. Insiders predict it will last until Thursday. Supposedly, it’s already in bits and pieces.

Here’s a cell phone / bro cam clip from the Palace Skateboards crew. Includes Torey Goodall and Shawn Powers appearances. Southbank looks fun.

Space Heater is a sequel to “the video called ‘video.'” A ton of cutty New York spots, yet another joint cameo from Loose Trucks Max and Corey Rubin, and a good Pete Rock sample source. Filmed in New York this past summer and fall.

The Chrome Ball Incident has a collection of Girl and Chocolate ads promoting past video projects in honor of Pretty Sweet.

“Can I get a chili crunch dog with onions, tomato, lettuce, pickle, jalapeño, shish ka-bob, with apple turnover.” The Berrics has an “Off the Grind” segment with Clark Hassler skating around downtown Manhattan. There’s also another interview segment with him where he skates a few NJ/NY spots and talks about what his first pro board graphic would hypothetically be.

Jenkem Mag interviewed Dennis Busenitz about almost dying, energy drinks, etc.

Dudes are still skating Seaport with the knobs on. What is a more indispensable aspect of New York skateboarding: wallrides / wallies / no-complys or Big L music supervision in web clips?

A certain bank spot outside of New York will likely soon be demolished. The city is building a road through the apartments, and the banks look like they’re next to fall victim to construction. (The other section of the spot probably won’t be affected.)

Worst Video has a lot of solid New York footage in it.

New York Magazine wrote a detailed account of why G. Dep turned himself in for second degree murder two years ago. Good read.

Quote of the Week:

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: The guys who own Nets.com (i.e. not the Brooklyn Nets) having the domain name forward to the Knicks’ all-star ballot.

Hostess, a second cousin of Little Debbie’s quarter snacks family, will be going out of business. R.I.P. How is Table Talk (the 50¢ pie company) still in business?


  1. yea that damn 2-step garage song is off the hook. Also if you know what’s up the guys playing sweet harmony around the house is LOL

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