First you drink Snapples, now you sipping Mo’?

Where is Royal Flush right about now?” It’s funny how when you skate, there’s “the Jake Johnson song,” “the Rick McCrank song,” “the Mariano song,” etc. “Worldwide” by Royal Flush is most definitely the Keenan song. Just check the YouTube comments.

In our annual Keenan Milton R.I.P. / reminder of how Mouse is the best skate video ever post, here is Keenan and Gino’s part from Mouse plus the radio skit near the end, with commentary from Spike Jonze, Aaron Meza, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Mike Carroll, and Rick Howard. It’s from the Girl/Chocolate box set, which you should most likely already own. (It’s $32 on Crailtap, if you don’t.) It’s not much, just Mariano talking about how you can only use “timeless hip-hop” if you’re using it for a video part, as opposed to, you know, Band of Horses or some emo shit. We firmly disagree with his entire non-“hot song of the month” stance either way. There’s some stuff in there about the good-ol’-days when Spike Jonze didn’t know how to use a greenscreen, too.


  1. you’re right it’s pretty gay he skated to band of horses but he’s right…radio rap is fucking gay as hell and you guys secretly know it. you have to. you’re too smart not to.

  2. i hate when people complain about, “Radio Rap” and “modern rap”. If you aren’t listening to strictly Hot 97 in the whip, move to Kansas and post up with your XX remixes and leave everyone else alone. I’m gonna go back to listening to the 2 Chainz opening verse on “No Lie” for the next three hours.

  3. I absolutely loathe pretty much all modern bands, indie music and anything one could describe as emo, but I also don’t get the wierd obsession with Wocka Flocka, 2 Chainz etc etc on Quartersnacks – I must be just slightly too old or something, because I cannot feel that shit at all. 2Chainz might as well be Band of Horses – because I can’t stand any of that shit.

    I mean, yes I get it – it’s literally what’s hot in the streets right now. And this is NYC after all, so for most people even if they don’t want to admit it – there’s a need to come across as being ‘all about’ whatever is hot at the moment at the cost of seeming corny, or a herb or whatever.

    it’s funny because it seems like the heads on this site are ‘liking’ current rap in a post modern sort of way, if you know what I mean… sort of an ironic, hipster’ed out version of ‘liking’ something – There’s clearly some genuine appreciation too, since that type of shit is on basically every skate clip involving QS crew and locals. c’mon guys – I’m not asking for full-on mid 90’s east coast music supervision. but we can do better. I know it.

  4. You’re all on a site whose logo is an interpolation of a Young Jeezy t-shirt graphic. End of story.

    I’m gonna go post about how Waka ruined hip-hop on YouTube pages for Nas videos. Bye.

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