KCDC Video (partially) Online

KCDC premiered a new video this past November to honor the shop’s ten-year anniversary. It took them a while to get copies pressed up, but they finally have them on sale for eight bucks. Initially, people were saying the video was mostly throwaway, but it’s a fun watch regardless. It’s made by Peter Sidlauskas, so that makes it a product of the east coast’s finest skate video production studio. The only parts online are from Flipmode franchise members (McFeely, Derick Z., Gonyon) and Danny Falla (shout out to him for doing a fakie hardflip on the Saint John’s Hospital Banks…that seems really difficult to do.) Derick’s part has a handful of cameo appearances from members without full parts. Hopefully, that Phil Rodriguez part comes out on March 14th, 1992. There’s also a lot of weirdo art school video art shit going on in there, a la Caviar (McFeely’s part = Best Art Direction in a Video Part 2012? Flipmode-directed indie electro band and/or SpaceGhostPurp videos up next?), so it’s more-or-less a full-on Flipmode video. It’ll probably be on the bonus feature disc of the eventual DVD box set, along with I Woke Up Dead.

As you probably know, KCDC had to get rid of their ramp, and will relocate the shop in the same neighborhood next month. You could and should buy the full video for $8 on KCDCskateshop.com.

That spot at 1:21 in Falla’s part isn’t in the United States, is it?

Remaining parts embedded below.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if that entire part was filmed in 1992 and Phil Rodriguez is actually 38 years old.

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