Why keep it 100, when you can keep it 103?

Kevin Tierney – “I Live In a TV” – Photo by Brian Kelley – Click Image To Enlarge

We finally made it onto Instagram. Follow @ Quartersnacks. It’s late because somebody registered “quartersnacks” before we had the chance to, and we decided to avoid it altogether out of stubbornness. Turns out that dude is a total bro, and was down to give up the username. Thanks to the homie Aidan for being a good sport about it. Never knew how many people were actually on Instacraze either, it’s wild. (Funny how everyone has the same cell phone now.)

Green Diamond 2011 leftovers video. Features Nick Boserio killing it, Malfa utilizing the newly-reinvogorated slappy crook, and Brian Anderson footage.

Frozen in Carbonite on parallels between Oscar Wilde and the new Sk8Mafia video. “I think Oscar Wilde might possibly have skated, but not extensively. He would have morphed into the kid who sits at the spot, getting up occasionally to try a few soft-footed nollie b/s bigspins, commenting on everyone’s style ‘n shit.”

There’s a nice feature with Steven Lora (“Lil’ Steven”) on Slap right now. A lot of people linked the video for it, but neglected to mention it was a full-on article. Good to see the young kids who rip at 12th Street every day getting some coverage. The catch frame on the back lip flip-out sequence is solid.

Billy McFeely is a sick actor.

In all honesty, the Skavenger BMX video is better than most of the skate videos to come out this year. If you make skate videos, you could learn a thing or ten from these dudes.

If you didn’t get a new du-rag in your stocking this Christmas, at least you can watch the latest “Krispy Du-Rag” clip with your dusty one on. Switch front 5050s up hubbas, Rob Gonyon skating to Future, etc.

Josh Stewart’s site has Poisonous Products DVDs for sale. $10, and you don’t need to wait for it to arrive from Canada.

Quote of the Week Year:

…and if you haven’t downloaded Black Dave’s Black Santa mixtape yet, you’re blowing it.


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