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It was getting depressing have two posts about skate spot demises in a row. Clyde’s image is here to dwell on New York in greater days, before we were all alive, both on an athletic level (let’s not even start on that one in light of the past week), and a skate spot level (probably.)

Going to be bummed on this Ziegfeld thing for a while. A commenter asked for the status of the ramp ledges, and the answer is that they are the only remaining obstacles that are not blocked off. Considering they are there for handicap access, they will probably stay that way due to potential building code violations that could arise from blocking off a handicap ramp with an ugly planter.

Also following up on last week’s abysmal spot forecast, someone included a picture of the Wythe Street Ledge in its last days to accompany the post. If you ever sought to grind a trick over a giant crater in the ground, well, it looks like you may have missed your opportunity.

Grandpa killing it six or seven years ago. The video is…uhh…”artsy,” to say the least. The skating is on point though.

Someone fakie flipped into the Courthouse Drop, and rightfully so, it is on the cover of a magazine. A Canadian one, but a magazine nonetheless. Eli got robbed for a cover on that really high switch flip photo from two years ago. But that’s politics.

There’s a screening of NY Revisited 1 & 2 at Enid’s (560 Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) this upcoming Friday (March 25.) 21 and over though. Flyer here. Best of all, it includes a preview of Revisited Volume 3! Seems like all the re-edit love from a few weeks ago sparked the interest in those videos, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Dylan Rieder in the most fashion forward indoor TF clip of all-time. It’s great how Gravis uses only his first name now. “DYLAN.” It’s like “MADONNA” or “PRINCE.” It’s like, he doesn’t need a last name, dude. He’s an entity, bro. An enigma, even.

Despite the fact that The Simpsons haven’t exactly been relevant since maybe the tenth or eleventh season (what are they on? 22 now? 23?), they should really worry about bigger and better things that suing an enterprise like Skate Book for intellectual property violations. Yes, obviously, it is a violation, but are they really caking off millions at Skate Book? Send a C & D, and be done with it. A full-on lawsuit is insane. Having never owned any editions of Skate Book, even though they send me e-mails every month, I should probably get on Amazon and order a few back copies. Best of luck to everyone over there in getting out of this though.

Quote of the Week:I quit.” — Multiple people’s responses after receiving a photo of the newly blocked-off Ziegfeld via MMS

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  1. that dylan clip was kind of a let down. it definitely needed a sprinkle of smiths night. and who was that other kid? weak weak weak weak weak

  2. Its a little hard to guage from a photo, but it looks like the ledges over the stairs are still quite skateable, just harder to approach. Now its a true NY spot.

  3. bart simpson is based off of frank hirata. Sorry to hear about the recent spot destructions.

  4. i don’t think yaje could deal with the strain of a long distance relationship

  5. he was canadian so it doesn’t count. the only canadians that matter are rick howard and torey goodall

  6. Love the shotgun a beer comment: Rick Howard is like God and Torey Goodall is the man; but there may be more Canadian rippers (eg, McCrank, Sauder, Hamilton, Desarmieux (Desarmo in the states), Stenger, and McDermott, oh, and Holmes).

    Consider it…

    Everybody needs to visit Vancouver at least once, if not die there; it’s RAD!

  7. With all due respect to Rick Howard and McCrank, the two ricks, I’m sure the Quarter Snacks staff will agree that Steve Nash is the best Canadian ripper.

  8. I think strobeck is the only one who can get away with the black and white effects. We know dylan is a model but he really didn’t have to take it that far with that last switch tre. and on more of a shit talking (canadian related) note: did anyone notice how Girl got really lame once McCrank got on? He’s great at skating but just didn’t fit the mold for me and the company went in a weird direction at about the same time

  9. Did any one see my zipoer/lighterbic too sec away from pomegranite planet mankey da doo of da gwapes stapler napler nibbler nippless

  10. Holla if ya hear me
    I got the hook up
    this spots gettin took up
    pick a book up
    get the dictionary look up
    nah me
    nah mean
    I’m not mean
    meaning i’m not average
    operate like a savage

  11. Pryce and Torey are the best Canadian rippers; on the board and off. NPBS for life!

  12. Next time you do a sight re-design, a spots section for the ones which are gone now might be pretty tight, with old photos and clips we can reminisce on.

  13. grandpa should wear fallen n chris cole should wear axions again yunno switch shit around alot.

  14. McCrank was definitely the beginning of the end. He had his little section in the last real classic, the original ‘Chocolate Tour’, but the effects were not felt until later. The tombstone was Malto.

    Anyone citing Keegan Sauder, either Wade, Stenger, McDermott, et al. as Canadians who transcend their birthplace is not cutting the mustard. Yeah, they’re “good”, but that’s a classic part of being a Canadian.

    Question specifically for the Snackman: do you model your own sense of personal style off of the slightly matured, housemate-look Eric Pupecki had going in the latter half of the 411 #38 Roomies article? Longtime reader, always wanted to ask.

  15. there would be no Mccrank without Howard, so actually no, your wrong

  16. McCrank is putting it down harder than Howard does today though. And come on son, Yeah Right’s the shit, if only for BA and Carroll’s parts alone.

  17. Howard is the president of Girl, therefore he’s putting it down hardest. Yeah Right dude, that shit was like dude, whatever, and shit, yo, dang

  18. c’mon though QS, its Gravis doing that first name fame shit, just look at all their latest ads…”JAKE”

  19. i have the skatebook and its signed by the whole DC team would anybody be interested in buying it?

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