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It was getting depressing have two posts about skate spot demises in a row. Clyde’s image is here to dwell on New York in greater days, before we were all alive, both on an athletic level (let’s not even start on that one in light of the past week), and a skate spot level (probably.)

Going to be bummed on this Ziegfeld thing for a while. A commenter asked for the status of the ramp ledges, and the answer is that they are the only remaining obstacles that are not blocked off. Considering they are there for handicap access, they will probably stay that way due to potential building code violations that could arise from blocking off a handicap ramp with an ugly planter.

Also following up on last week’s abysmal spot forecast, someone included a picture of the Wythe Street Ledge in its last days to accompany the post. If you ever sought to grind a trick over a giant crater in the ground, well, it looks like you may have missed your opportunity.

Grandpa killing it six or seven years ago. The video is…uhh…”artsy,” to say the least. The skating is on point though.

Someone fakie flipped into the Courthouse Drop, and rightfully so, it is on the cover of a magazine. A Canadian one, but a magazine nonetheless. Eli got robbed for a cover on that really high switch flip photo from two years ago. But that’s politics.

There’s a screening of NY Revisited 1 & 2 at Enid’s (560 Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) this upcoming Friday (March 25.) 21 and over though. Flyer here. Best of all, it includes a preview of Revisited Volume 3! Seems like all the re-edit love from a few weeks ago sparked the interest in those videos, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Dylan Rieder in the most fashion forward indoor TF clip of all-time. It’s great how Gravis uses only his first name now. “DYLAN.” It’s like “MADONNA” or “PRINCE.” It’s like, he doesn’t need a last name, dude. He’s an entity, bro. An enigma, even.

Despite the fact that The Simpsons haven’t exactly been relevant since maybe the tenth or eleventh season (what are they on? 22 now? 23?), they should really worry about bigger and better things that suing an enterprise like Skate Book for intellectual property violations. Yes, obviously, it is a violation, but are they really caking off millions at Skate Book? Send a C & D, and be done with it. A full-on lawsuit is insane. Having never owned any editions of Skate Book, even though they send me e-mails every month, I should probably get on Amazon and order a few back copies. Best of luck to everyone over there in getting out of this though.

Quote of the Week:I quit.” — Multiple people’s responses after receiving a photo of the newly blocked-off Ziegfeld via MMS

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Vintage New York via Manolo’s Tapes

By some act of inadvertent telepathy, Manolo put together a New York montage for Already Been Done, sourced from the same material as yesterday’s Quim Cardona Revisited re-edit. Two re-edits in twenty-four hours from a hard-to-come-by DVD series is the best you’re going to do at this point. That is, if DVDs even matter in 2011.

Since The Chrome Ball Incident is skateboarding’s deepest archival institution of printed material, Manolo Tapes would inevitably be the video equivalent. The edit includes some non-Revisited bits peppered throughout the section, but most importantly, it has perhaps the only outfit in the history of northeastern nineties skateboarding to supersede the sacredness of camo pants: Navy blue Adidas swooshy pants with the three stripes down the side, complete with matching shoes, and topped off with a U.S.A. tank top worn over a tee shirt. See here. If the word “swag” didn’t barge 145 MPH into a rapid death these past few months, now would be an applicable time to use it. But then again, it’s only a Forbes cover away from the ubiquity expected of “crunk” and “bling bling.” (“Goin’ ham‘” isn’t far away either — there’s a good chance you will see “Goldman Sachs Goes Ham With Bonuses” on the cover of a paper in December.) Anyway, the outfit is intense. Few people, even in the nineties, have stepped in front of a camera and been able to do justice to such a kit, so the line’s inclusion in the video is commendable.

Already Been Done also has a bunch of new content up, including a new Dave Carnie piece. (Related: Forgot to link up this Carnie interview from a few weeks ago as well.)

Quim Cardona: NY Revisited & re-edited

Falling into the same “sitting around on a Final Cut timeline from the dead of winter” category that last month’s most most fashionable clip ever was a part of, this is another reworking of old footage. In this case, it’s really old footage, originating from R.B. Umali’s NY Revisited compilation that was released around 2004-2005, spanning two DVD volumes (which were in somewhat of a limited run) and about three years (1995-1997.) The winter may have provided the time to sit there and throw this on a timeline, but the inspiration came from the Chrome Ball Incident’s interview with Quim, and the realization that despite his clear allegiance to camo pants, Quim never really had a full-on New York skate part in the nineties. A lot of this footage wasn’t exactly “unreleased” prior to when Revisited came out, but was still reserved for more montage-oritented outings. While this is sure as hell no Non-Fiction, it is somewhat of an attempt at getting on that Manolo archival program (Although nobody can really compete with what that dude does…) and filling the void in a coherent way. Plus, this guy’s highly unorthodox approach to just about everything — from doing two frontside 5050s on ledges in the same line, to using garbage bags as makeshift skate obstacles, to doing nollies onto ledges for no reason whatsoever — should be an inspiration to everyone that enjoys riding a skateboard.

And while typical protocol around here is editing things to Travis Porter, Young Jeezy, and all else intended for gentlemen’s cabarets situated below the Mason-Dixon line, we went the more tasteful route of channeling things actually released at a time and in a region synonymous with when the footage was filmed. So, our apologies go to our “core” fanbase. Even further apologies to purists who know that if this was actually released in 1997, it would be edited to some wild Jamaican conga drum voodoo music most commonly listened to by experimental yoga groups.

The real question is: What’s going on with Revisited Volume 3?

YouTube link here.

Related: Here’s another Revisited edit someone put together in 2009 after dropping out of Cooley High.