Vintage New York via Manolo’s Tapes

By some act of inadvertent telepathy, Manolo put together a New York montage for Already Been Done, sourced from the same material as yesterday’s Quim Cardona Revisited re-edit. Two re-edits in twenty-four hours from a hard-to-come-by DVD series is the best you’re going to do at this point. That is, if DVDs even matter in 2011.

Since The Chrome Ball Incident is skateboarding’s deepest archival institution of printed material, Manolo Tapes would inevitably be the video equivalent. The edit includes some non-Revisited bits peppered throughout the section, but most importantly, it has perhaps the only outfit in the history of northeastern nineties skateboarding to supersede the sacredness of camo pants: Navy blue Adidas swooshy pants with the three stripes down the side, complete with matching shoes, and topped off with a U.S.A. tank top worn over a tee shirt. See here. If the word “swag” didn’t barge 145 MPH into a rapid death these past few months, now would be an applicable time to use it. But then again, it’s only a Forbes cover away from the ubiquity expected of “crunk” and “bling bling.” (“Goin’ ham‘” isn’t far away either — there’s a good chance you will see “Goldman Sachs Goes Ham With Bonuses” on the cover of a paper in December.) Anyway, the outfit is intense. Few people, even in the nineties, have stepped in front of a camera and been able to do justice to such a kit, so the line’s inclusion in the video is commendable.

Already Been Done also has a bunch of new content up, including a new Dave Carnie piece. (Related: Forgot to link up this Carnie interview from a few weeks ago as well.)


  1. of all the rap music released from say 1996-1999 this is what they chose for a NY montage?

  2. That was sick; true about the song; Brooklyn?

    All the ill skating back then went down in um, mostly Manhattan.

  3. hey thanks,just saw the quim vid on slap but first tought it was older,funny coincidence.
    i picked the song based on intensity for editing and the whole looking back lyrics and shit.
    but i first tried some CNN and raekwon allright.

  4. Yo, I grew up like the regular thug – sold drugs
    Wasn’t proud about it, but this is what I gotta do
    I copped the Jordan’s, and the Fi-la’s, too
    Yo, I loved the Bo Jackson’s, the orange and blue..

  5. quite precisely how skateboarding should look and sound like. cheers manolo, you’re killing it. keep them coming.

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