Could really go for a heatwave right about now…

(Winter = painful. Summer = occasionally uncomfortable. Therefore, complaining about winter = more justified than complaining about summer. It’s not the same thing.)

Updates slowed up a bit due to winter’s cold core getting the best of all productive activity pertinent to this website. However, given the upcoming promise of a forty-degree week, it would make sense to start arranging for content to make its way to this website’s homepage, as statistics tend to indicate a lot of people have been hitting up the front page, seeing the same black and white photo of an early morning coffee cart, and leaving. Some of this irregularity in updating also has to do with Young Jeezy’s ill-advised fifth or sixth attempt at putting his crew on, yielding some rather uncharacteristically, un-motivatial music. This website has always strived to preserve a balance between creating content, and unearthing / aggregating content, and it seems like this absurdly snowy winter (combined with a lack of resources to go to warmer pastures that are friendlier to skateboard content creation) has tipped the scales toward the latter end of things.

Updates resume on Saturday Sunday. In the meantime, here are some past clips to remind us of that wonderful period of existence that needs to arrive sooner than later.


  1. shit, i’ll skate the dirty dirty in the summer and the northeast in the dead of winter, but we all reserve the right to complain . . . this is skateboarding

  2. that spot was in hamilton park in jersey city but it got torn out with the pyramids when they redid the park. nothin’ to skate there anymore.

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