Out of Office Reply / Holiday Season


Photo via Pryce Holmes for National Geographic

Faced with the brutal difficulty of skateboarding in the United States and all its sue-happy rules, we wound up back in Europe for the second time in one month. Between the ~four weeks spent here this summer, we’ve still only been kicked out of one spot, and that was via a knife-weilding hash dealer in Copenhagen. It’s become a recurring theme on the site, but America sucks for skateboarding.

August will inevitably be a stacked month around here for a variety reasons, so we’re taking summer “holiday” now. If you ordered anything that remains in the webstore over the past week-and-a-half, it should ship early next week at the absolute latest. Maybe expect to see a content update squeezed in before the week is out?

On the slim chance that you missed it (came out a few hours after Monday Links went live), Eli has an awesome new welcome part out for Organika, with a Quim cameo at the start (as promised!) His lavish fashion sense from his first part is a lot to live up to though :) Labor also has a quick new video with its three shop riders, one of whom is reigning QSSOTY, Leo Gutman.

Back on Monday for good. Or Friday for temp.

Also, anyone asking for a Sinner re-edit (there are a lot of you) — think for a second — how would the weed-bandana guy who does switch drop-ins into double-kinked ditches NOT skate to three dubstep songs? The part is absolutely perfect as it is.

Slow News Week

gone to tf

Photo via sloanisabuller on the Gram

As noted yesterday, the web store more or less took priority over content this week. If you ordered by Wednesday night, say around 8 P.M., your order has been shipped. You should have received a confirmation in the e-mail you used for your order. If you ordered after Wednesday night, it should be shipped by Monday or Tuesday. Only grey mediums in hoodys and a bunch of tees left. Thanks for the support.

If you need something to watch, here is a “lost” Reese Forbes part that just made its way online. From some Quiksilver promo, and edited to the (then-current) musical stylings of a Curtis Jackson. Might be his last significant batch of footage along with his section from Nothing But The Truth (warning: *horrible* compression), which had some hot moves in it (grind the hubba, then kickflip up the steps omg), regardless of how you may feel about the video in its entirety. Reese is basically the blueprint for every “power skater” you see today, particularly the handsome ones. We’re fortunate none of those guys opted to run his Murray Hill plaid shorts look though…

Be back next week with some cool stuff.

Also, Recordings of Boardings is premiering Seasons Skateshop’s East of Lark video for the weekend. Shout out to Albany. (They have QS gear available, by the way…) Have a good weekend.

Rough Out Here


2014 hasn’t been friendly to content. Part of it is due to seasonal depression, but nature also has a way of calming down any newscycle pertinent to northeastern skateboarding. Like, the Berrics put out the highest volume of New York-related content so far in 2014, so apologies for yet another unforeseen maintenance week. (Or foreseen fashion week, whichever you prefer.)

Was 2011 this bad? No, right? Or did nobody notice because NPBS was out? After looking though the winter 2011 archives for ideas on what sort of things to rehash, we still came up short. There was a lot of talk about camo, Gucci Mane’s ice cream tattoo and the Knicks, i.e. things that are not particularly #relevant for 2014 content. We also explored the possibility of another “Winter That Was” clip, until realizing every (particularly bad) winter spent here looks exactly the same. The 2011 one will suffice, and a 2014 one doesn’t need to happen. Just imagine the Below the Bridge footage being at House of Vans now. Oh, and here’s Zered doing a switch hardflip wallride, which would’ve been the best trick in a hypothetical “2014 Winter That Was” clip anyway. New stuff soon. Pinky swear :)

P.S. In case you want to get advice on girls n’ stuff from the only L.A-native to ever be tenured by Quartersnacks, Mike G. took over the reigns of the “Ask” feature on Alex Olson’s Tumblr.


Well, the old prank calls were pretty good…

The Jake Johnson Files – Part 1

So, we have an extensive interview with Jake Johnson, conducted in early-to-mid October, sitting on the back burner right now. He’s steadily been resurfacing on the radar after a leg injury, is doing switch back noseblunts and skating rocks, and had a lot of interesting things to say. However, the audio for it is about eighty minutes long. As you could imagine, that takes quite a bit of time to transcribe and edit. While we begin that process, we’re going to post some footage from the days when Jake regularly appeared in Quartersnacks clips.

The clip below was filmed by Rob Harris in 2007 and 2008. Some of it appeared here, some of it was in the Rich Mahogany video, and a few of the tricks didn’t appear anywhere. All in New York, raw, uncut, with a Mike Gigliotti cameo. There’ll probably be one more video. It’ll be longer, and actually edited. As far as the interview, expect it in the next week or so.

P.S. Who took that back tail photo? Not trying to let the photographer go uncredited, but a name didn’t come up with it. Credit goes to Mike O’Meally.

P.P.S. This is the worst shit in the history of shit.

Could really go for a heatwave right about now…

(Winter = painful. Summer = occasionally uncomfortable. Therefore, complaining about winter = more justified than complaining about summer. It’s not the same thing.)

Updates slowed up a bit due to winter’s cold core getting the best of all productive activity pertinent to this website. However, given the upcoming promise of a forty-degree week, it would make sense to start arranging for content to make its way to this website’s homepage, as statistics tend to indicate a lot of people have been hitting up the front page, seeing the same black and white photo of an early morning coffee cart, and leaving. Some of this irregularity in updating also has to do with Young Jeezy’s ill-advised fifth or sixth attempt at putting his crew on, yielding some rather uncharacteristically, un-motivatial music. This website has always strived to preserve a balance between creating content, and unearthing / aggregating content, and it seems like this absurdly snowy winter (combined with a lack of resources to go to warmer pastures that are friendlier to skateboard content creation) has tipped the scales toward the latter end of things.

Updates resume on Saturday Sunday. In the meantime, here are some past clips to remind us of that wonderful period of existence that needs to arrive sooner than later.

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